Saturday, May 7, 2011

for want of a more profound title...

Friday in Sydney, train travel and mediating a matter which did not settle - ick. Thank goodness for weekends!

I had a lovely breakfast at le pain quotidien on Friday

Who can resist a giant bowl of coffee in the morning?

Delish! And the perfect breakfast to keep me full all morning

No photos of Saturday morning or the usual lee&me brekky because clever clogs me let my iphone battery go flat - had to settle for some outfit shots later at home...

Can you see sneaky Mr Jasper trying to get out the front door? (both our cats are not allowed outdoors)

"But I wants to come out and play!"

Does anyone else find their hair randomly looks its best when the don't wash it for a few days, sleep on it, then finger-comb it? Just me? Okey then

Maiden braids! The perfect messy hair-do for me on a weekend

Lover Charlotte dress
Diana Ferrari booties
Cotton On sunglasses
Jag satchel with vintage silk scarf
Tiffany&Co necklace and rings
OPI Quarter of a Cent-Cherry on nails

Still loving the Lover dress! I predict it getting a LOT of wear this coming winter

In other news, I found my DREAM skirt today! Its pleated, and the lower half is sheer

Because I'm trying to be *good*, I lay-byed - and the jumper too (oh shuddup!)

Currently burning some Glasshouse candles and touching up my pedi (and I may or may not be watching Lord of the Rings on DVD for the billionth time)


  1. haahahaha Jasper is so cuuuuuuuuute!!!

    Love the new maxi, I've got 2 in my wardrobe now and I adore them they make me feel like a mermaid hahahaa

  2. Is Jasper a British Shorthair? We're getting a little lilac girl in June, and I'm obsessed with the breed at the moment!

  3. Mez - I am currently totally obsessed with maxi skirts, they are divine! Definitely dig the mermaid vibe

    MissPosy - Yessss he is a British Shorthair! They are the bestest breed ever! A little lilac kitty will be so adorable - they have the most fantastic nature, they are very intelligent and fun but also very snuggly

  4. Nawww Jasper is gorgeous!
    Love your dress and those shoes are lovely.
    The skirt and jumper look ridiculously amazing on you!
    I now feel like watching Lord of the Rings hehe.

  5. Hi Cate, I love your blog and good on you for keeping your cats indoors! -S xx

  6. Your Lover dress and braids look so pretty and ethereal paired together. I wish I had the patience to braid my hair.

    Poor little Jasper! My kitty was an outside cat up until a few months ago when we realised he wouldn’t jump the fence. He is a strange cat he just stays in the back yard! He also has zero talent for hunting birds...

  7. Ohhh that Lover dress is so sweet, what a great find! I really love it paired with the booties x

  8. Where is that skirt from? It is lovely!

  9. Ohh, now I'm really excited. I've never been a cat-person (I was attacked when I was a wee-one) - but Mr Posy really wants a kitty. I'm a dog person, and love my PosyDog for snuggles. I'm very excited to hear (from somebody other than a breeder!) that British Shorthairs are also very snuggly :)

  10. That is a lovely skirt!
    Do you mind if I ask where you laybuyed it? I am obsessed with that colour at the moment.
    I used to have a cat that looked exactly like Jasper, gosh she was evil but so beautiful!

  11. Do tell, where did you find the skirt? Is it ok for shorties? Looks great with that jumper.

  12. Love the skirt and jumper too! And the polish! Please tell me the colour?

  13. Beautiful skirt and top!! Well done on the layby ;) Your braid is gorgeous, love it. & lastly, how gorgeous is that breakfast?! I love cute breakfasts like that at cafes :)
    Heidi xo

  14. Yes. My hair is at it's best 2 days after being washed. Then usually it's still good for a third day but I can't take it to a 4th without getting greasy. I hate my hair the day of a wash though (unless it's at a salon with treatments and a blow wave).
    That jumper looks really nice btw x

  15. The skirt and jumper look gorgeous on you, Cate! Love your cute cat so much ^_^

  16. Thanks for all the lovely comments!! :)

    The nailpolish is OPI Quarter of a Cent-Cherry - its a nice red, without being too bright

    The skirt and jumper are on lay-by at General Pants - the skirt is alice in the eve, and the jumper is wrangler

    Bonsai - I am quite short (167cm) and the skirt was fine on me, but definitely would not be able to wear it with flats. In the pictures I am wearing those heeled booties still

    Anon - gosh yes, our two never go outdoors, I would have nightmares about them getting hurt. Or killing birds :(