Sunday, May 8, 2011

hey mama!

Today, in honour of Mothers Day, my siblings and I (and our various partners) converged on my parents' house to cook brunch for my lovely Mum. Well, I say we cooked, but truly all the cooking was done by my sister R, the culinary genius - seriously, she was up at 6am preparing an absolute feast! At least my brother and I did the washing-up

We came bearing gifts - a huge bunch of pink garden roses

A veritable army of breakfast trifles! These little beauties consisted of layers of fresh mixed berries, greek yoghurt, honey and freshly made toasted granola

Nommy fruit platter - there were also pancakes and various other delicious morsels which I failed to capture *facepalm*

Mothers Day means LOTS of flowers!

Mmmmmm these were beyond amazing!

Soft-boiled egg on rye toast, with avocado and roasted tomato

'Twas cold this morning! I dressed accordingly

In the afternoon, V and I took a drive down the coast - a spot of surfing for him, a spot of reading for me, followed by a wander together...

I spy - a kitteh!

Making friends...

'Twas quite warm by this stage! Accordingly, I lost the stockings and boots

Feeling surprisingly ready for lunch, we ducked into the Minnamurra General Store

Ohhhhhh the homemade goodies!

Freshly squeezed orange, apple and mint juice

Beer-battered flathead, cooked to perfection, crispy chips and green salad - seriously, I have no idea how I was even hungry after the breakfast feast to end all feasts, but I still managed to nom my way all this deliciousness

To all the Mums out there - hope you had a truly special day today!


  1. That breakfast looks amazing. I love the photo with the flowers in photo 4.

  2. Wow, I am beyond impressed with your breakfast today. Well done to your sister! And well done to you and your brother too - washing up is indeed a very important job :) Beautiful flowers also!
    Heidi xo

  3. What a lovely day :) You look so pretty and I am envious of the food!

  4. GORGEOUS mothers day!!!

    Love, love, love the food porn ♥

  5. yum yum! All that food looks amaaazing!

  6. Gorgeous day! The food looks sooo yummy!

    Hehe I had to giggle at you making friends with the kitty - I do the same with all the cats in my neighbourhood :P xx

  7. Brunch must have been the fashion for mother's day. We did it too and while I made a rhubarb compote and provided delicious yogurt and museli, it was my brother-in-law who salved away making poached eggs etc.

    I have to say, I love a breakfast trifle. Must start doing that myself, they are gorgeous.

    And isn't flathead just the best for fish and chips. Looks great, almost as good as the boatshed at Bateman's Bay which I still proclaim as the greatest fish and chips on the South Coast.

  8. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and your certainly did look amazing. I'm imagining the pancakes too, mmmmmmm...