Wednesday, May 18, 2011

snapshots of monday...

After the recent Blogger hiatus, thought I'd share a couple of snaps from Monday...

Kick-started the day with stovetop porridge, topped with stewed granny smith apples and mixed berries...

Arrived at the office to find an unexpected sight - serious roadworks, which blocked our carpark completely! Off to park in the closest carkpark we go! Thanks for the warning guys LOL

After a hectic morning, treated myself to a coffee and a freckle cookie...

The unfortunate result of two Council carparks being shut due to the roadworks (see above) - every man and his dog parking in the same carpark (the only one in town to offer a flat, early-bird rate) - and the resultant 25minutes to drive out again!

Figured there was no point fretting at a situation outside of my control - so turned JJJ up loud and rocked out in my little Corolla

Kittycat snuggles - the perfect way to end the day!



  1. Meow!!

    So cute!!

    Glad you didn't let the traffic sitch get the better of you, sometimes I have to remind myself of this... then, like you, turn my music out and rock out.


  2. Yum! Your porridge looks delicious. I've been having mine with honey until I can be bothered to stew some fruits to mix with haha x

  3. Kitty snuggles make even the worst days feel better.

  4. Kitty snuggles are the best! I have spent most of the weekend indoors due to bad weather, and my kitty is unimpressed that I have to go to work today.