Saturday, May 28, 2011

snapshots of sunday...

After a long, hard week (for V) and illness (me!), a relaxing and restful day was called for today, to recharge our batteries for the week ahead

We had some lovely kitty snuggles this morning - and as you can see, the kitties stayed in bed for quite some time after we got up!

Inspired by the lovely Heidi, we walked around to the shops and grabbed the Sunday papers, before returning home and cooking a Very Yummy Breakfast...

Soft-boiled eggs (from a local man who has chickens free-range under his olive trees!) Eaten peeled and smooshed on sourdough toast by V...

And in the form of "dippy eggs" with toast soliders for me. Ahhhh, the nostalgia

A nice big bowl of organic, locally-grown berries

And numerous pots of coffee were of course called for!

Later in the morning, we drove down to Killalea for V to have a bit of a surf

I relaxed on the hillside with the papers and my knitting (total grandma moment, I know!)

Starving for lunch by the time we got home!

So in love with my winter wardrobe at the moment - enjoying rediscovering all these little gems that have been packed away during the summer months!

Yes, I am wearing a shirt. As a dress. With leggings. Oh, the horror! Rest assured, I did grill V before we left the house - "Do I look like I forgot to put pants on this morning?" I was told it looked just fine - you be the judge. Leggings as pant definitely does polarise the masses!

Witchery shirt
American Apparel leggings
Country Road leather belt
Sussan beanie
Cotton On sunglasses
Rivers ankle boots
Tiffany&Co rings and necklace

Hope the weekend was good to you all!


  1. I LOVE googy eggs with soldiers, they are the bomb!!!

    That photo of your kittens cuddling is the most gorgeous thing e v e r.


  2. I adore your outfit!! Those leggings look great, super chic :) Mmmm those berries looks delicious, I haven't had some in ages! What a fun day, your cats are livin the life ;)
    Hannah x

  3. So jealous of your local berries.

  4. Perfection! Love those kitties, and LOVE that beret! xxx

  5. Your cats look so snuggly :)
    I think your leggings are fine.

  6. You Kitties are too cute!

    I think I have the same leggings! The the extra thick cotton ones, right? I think there is nothing wrong with wearing leggings as long the top is long enough to cover your bum!

  7. I'm with Stephanie on the covered bum rule for leggings and yours look great. Your cats are adorable.

  8. I love it when you post kitty photos. They are both 100% adorabubbles. :)

    As long as your bum is covered, leggings are perfectly acceptable. I live in my thick H&M leggings these days. Are the AA leggings worth their AU$ price?

  9. I love your shirt , it's so beautiful!

    BTW, I'm in love with your blog and I wonder if we can follow each other..? what do you think ? even if no, I will be your follower <3

  10. hahaha. there aren't many nanas who go to watch their husbands surf, i imagine!
    i want your kitties to make room for me, plz!

  11. Your kitty cats are just too cute. I miss having a cat for the snuggles. I don't however miss the cat hair!

    Your leggings look fine. I've just got myself some fleecy lined ones from Flox. I'm road testing the stockings today, blog review will follow but so far my feet are warm on this cold, grey Canberra morning.

  12. What a beautiful Sunday!

    I love the colour of your hair, really suits you!

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  13. Leggings as pants are okay - as long as whatever you're wearing on top covers your bum. That's my rule of thumb :) I think you look great!

    I love love love love love your cats in the first picture. How gorgeous!

  14. OMKittycats, I have a similar photo, dear one! (digs around in photobucket) -- not sure if this will work??

    You look divine, my darling. I miss you.

  15. Those cats are adorable! Your breakfast looks yummy, I haven't had eggs like that in years. I like your shirt as a dress outfit!

  16. Gosh I haven't had soldiers in years!
    I love your beanie.
    Leggings are a-ok in my books ;)

  17. So uh, if you ever need a catsitter - just express post them to Brisbane, ok!? Heavenly brekkie, beautiful scenery and, as always, gorgeous outfit! X

  18. Awe thanks for the link, lovely! I love the sound of your local googy eggs with sourdough. Perfection :) & I totally love your outfit, rocking it. It's something I'd wear too!
    Heidi xo

  19. your kitties are too cute. i like your outfit too!

    just saw this youtube link and thought as you are a cat lover you'll probably love it - its seriously the cutest thing ever!

  20. That's such a gorgeous pic of your cats being all snuggly and forming an almost perfect circle. Too adorable. Leggings are definitely fine if your bum is covered, and you look fabulous in them.

  21. such cute kitties!!
    and i loooove soft boiled eggs with sour dough! shall we follow each other?