Saturday, June 4, 2011

birthday celebrations...

Happy birthday to my gorgeous sister R and my gorgeous Mum! We are having a nice big dinner tonight with family and friends, and today my family all met up in Sydney for a day of eating and shopping...

Sitting on the train, zzzzzzzz.... What? Oh yes, I also read a book. Love these heart-print tights beyond all measure!

After a 6:30am start, I needed a super-GRANDE caramel macchiato! And super-grande sunglasses to hide my tired eyes LOL

We had high tea at the QVB Tea Rooms, a little family celebration for R and my Mum...

Ohhhh scones with jam and clotted cream, heaven!

Mmmmm nommy! My brother P reports that the super oolong was especially yum ;)

Three guesses where we detoured to on the way home? I seriously squeeed when we arrived at Zumbo. And my parents thought I was too old to embarrass them any more...

Yeeeeesss, we finally make it inside! Only a 15min wait, not bad Zumbo!

I just died a little bit...

My excitement cannot be contained at this point. I bought a dozen, one of each of the nine flavours they had and a few extras. I am pleased to announce that many, many macarons were consumed during the drive home. Satay was surprisingly yummy, albeit strange. Palm sugar was truly beyond description, divine.

El bizarro pose and facial expression!

Goofing around for the camera...

'Scuse the crap photo quality, the light was shocking!

ZOMG my hand iz meeeelting!!!

Sewn shorts
Wrangler shadows knit
Leona Edmiston tights
Diana Ferrari "shandi" booties
Cotton On sunglasses
Jag leather satchel with Oroton silk scarf
Tiffany&Co rings
OPI Mrs O'Leary's BBQ on nails

I'm such a ham (and yes, my back did get cold today in Sydney!)

Happy weekend all!


  1. Ooooh looks like a great day!! I remember having high tea at the QVB a few years ago- loved it!! Those little cakes look so delish! :) :)
    Hannah x

  2. What a gorgeous outfit! It looked like a lovely day, happy birthday to your sis and mum! xx

  3. Oh my god that back of that sweater is amazing!!!

    Sounds like you had the perrrrrrrrfect day.


  4. Oh my goodness, where did you get that jumper? It is AWESOME!


  5. looks like you had a lovely day

    happy birthday to R and your mum !

    and nom nom nom the macaroons - YUMMY

  6. Hope you enjoyed visiting my little Balmain!
    My mum (up from Melbourne for the weekend) and I were going to get something from Zumbos in the morning, but the line was already long.
    Hope you enjoyed your macaroons! (I tend to get some during the week instead of the weekend when there is no line up!)

  7. So jealous of the macarons, and love that knit!

  8. I love high tea, I hope your mum and sister enjoyed it! Zumbo macarons really are the best! yumm

  9. I have those stockings toooo! Love them, They make an outfit so much prettier.
    Would you recommend the High Tea again? I'm thinking of taking my friend there for her 21st so would love your opinions on service/food/decor =)
    Anddd, i did a post on the same macarons a few weeks ago, Completely agree with you about the Satay (odd) and palm sugar (heaven) haha.
    Your day sounded perfect! x

  10. Dying to know what the texture of the Zumbo macs is like? Please share.

  11. Thankyou lovelies! We had such a fantastic time (last night's party was especially fun LOL)

    Brooke - the Wrangler sweater was purchased from General Pants, I believe it should still be in stock

    Jorji - I LOVE the High Tea at the QVB! More than I can put into words! I got engaged there :D I've been sooo many times and loved it every time. The food is divine, the service is great and its such a gorgeous spot. Would be such a lovely place for a 21st, highly recommend

    Sammie - thanks for the tip re: going to zumbo early or mid-week, will definitely keep that in mind next time I go back!

    Karolina - the zumbo macarons are amazing! The texture is really light and melt-in-your-mouth, but the flavour is a massive hit, really intense! Like, the satay one was CLEARLY satay, we were all going OMG that's satay! But sweet, if that makes sense. I have tried lots of macs and these were far and away the best!


  12. Love your sweater!! What a fun day. I'd totally squeal about zumbo too :) Happy birthday to your family!
    Heidi xo