Sunday, May 1, 2011

a sunny sunday...

I was dragged from my warm, cosy bed at an ungodly hour this morning, on the promise of a yummy breakfast. Seriously, 7:30am on a Sunday is positively uncivilised in my books. But V was keen to hit the surf early, and I must admit, it was nice to be out and about at that hour

The sun was already high on the horizon!

My reward for getting up and going so early - lee&me!

V in his hoody - gangta style LOL

Super-relaxed for a chilled-out Sunday...

Despite the sunshine there was a distinct crispness to the air - my new Volcom hooded wrap was perfect to counter this!

As always, I am in awe of the pretty coffee art - almost seems a shame to drink it! Almost

We both opted for simple breakfasts this morning - vegemite and tomatoes on toast for V

Granola and fresh fruit for me, with yummy vanilla yoghurt (not shown in the picture)

Once we were replete, we headed on out to Paradise - or the closest thing we have. So pretty!

Absolute frikking necessity for me! Legendary stuff. I sat in the blazing sun for hours and didn't even go pink. Love

V in fine form - really needs to get me a camera with some zoom!

For the past fortnight I have been feeding my parents' cat, and looking after their gardens for them while they were overseas - as an amazingly thoughtful (and unnecessary!) thankyou gift, they bought me a bottle of Inniskillin Canadian Icewine! This stuff is divine - nectar of the gods, I kid you not. Basically, the grapes are left to ripen and then freeze on the vine through winter, which makes for one incredibly heady, delicious fortified wine. If you can get your hands on a bottle, you must try!

Hope the weekend has been good to you!


  1. oooh fun day! granola looks delish! I went for a walk in the sunshine today and it was lovely :) Definitely lifted my spirits!!
    Hannah x

  2. icewine is everywhereeeeee in canada.
    especially at the duty free shop.
    i think it's a cool idea.

  3. 7.30 on a Sunday morning scares me...Your recent posts have been making me miss the Aussie beaches!