Friday, June 17, 2011

hey girl, its your birthday...

So yesterday was my birthday - I am 29 years old people, yeow! So far its a fun age to be! And I had the best birthday ever! It was full of family and friends, good food and pressies, from start to finish...

V woke me up early to unwrap my birthday presents - gosh that boy really does know me well, he is always absolutely spot-on without any hints dropped!

Limited-edition "Versailles" Glasshouse candle - violet and white amber scented, ZOMG smells so amazing! The picture doesn't show properly, but the glass contained is all lined with gold leaf

I have wanted this book just about forever, so I honestly squeeeed when I unwrapped it! I cannot WAIT to read it!

Ohhhhh so spoilt, three layers of handmade chocolates from David Jones, mmmmm

My Mum took me out for breakfast at lee&me, and then we wandered around the produce markets together before work - best ever way to start the day!

Sourdough toast with mixed berry jam and sweetened ricotta

I bought these gorgeous, sweet-smelling jonquils at the produce markets, and joked to Mum, "I can buy myself flowers on my birthday!"

The lady on the flower stall overheard me, and promptly handed me a bunch of these gorgeous natives, and wished me a happy birthday! So sweet, totally made my morning

The sweetest, yummiest present from the girls at work - I felt so loved!

My lovely boss bought pink doughnuts and coffee for us all, and my gorgeous Mum took me out for lunch and clothes shopping for my birthday present - definitely the best work day I've had for ages!

The day was brought to a yummy, celebratory close with a degustation dinner at Caveux restaurant with V, my parents and my lovely brother...

'Scuse the dodgy picture quality, the light was very bad!

Country Road dress and shearling collar
Tony Bianco heels
Mimco magazine clutch
Cat Hammil stacked bracelets (birthday gift from my lovely sister!)
Tiffany&Co rings

You all know my feelings on the necessity of pink bubbles to celebrate a birthday!

Fig with blue cheese mouse, baby beets, banyuls reductions and herbs

Seared south coast yellow fin tuna with mudcrab, confit lemon and horseradish cream

Roasted Cone Bay barramundi with pork belly, smoke potato, choucrute and pancetta

Lots of delicious French wine was imbibed...

Confit duck boudin with lentil du puy and carrot puree

Assiette of lamb, with celeriac puree, potato dauphinoise and root vegetables

Raspberry and lychee trifle with white chocolate and caramel shards

I forgot to photograph the cheese course - why do I always forget to photograph the cheese course?! In my defence, I had consumed by own body weight in French wine by this stage...

I woke up this morning to the sweet scent of jonquils...

V and I continued the birthday celebrations this morning with breakfast at lee&me...

V had the croque madame

Words cannot describe how truly divine this was - porridge with honey and cinnamon, topped with stewed berries and brown-sugar roasted pears. Poor V had serious breakfast envy!

Sporting my new birthday-present Country Road top and shearling collar - one word, LOVE!

Country Road top and shearling collar
MinkPink skirt
Jag leather satchel with Oroton silk scarf
Cotton On sunglasses
Tiffany&Co rings and heart tag necklace

I sometimes feel that birthdays get better every year - this was certainly one of the best I have ever celebrated! (if Ro and the Beatle had been here, 'twould have been absolutely perfect!)

I hope you are all enjoying a relaxing weekend


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Looks like you had such a lovely day, what great presents :) That shearling collar is amazing, perfect addition to cosy up an outfit! xxx

  2. Happy Birthday! xx

    I'm not too far away from 29....your pics have made me excited for my birthday, rather than dreading it as I was!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You look amazing and got some beautiful presents, lucky girl! Hope you have a lovely rest of the weekend! xx

  4. Happy Birthday! :) love all the presents you got, especially the ones from your hubby!

  5. Happy birthday :) I love the shearling collar! Looks like a beautiful celebration xx

    You look so amazing, and like you had so much fun!!

    Totally saw that collar in Country Road - you pull it off so much better than I could!


  7. Wishing you a very happy birthday!
    Looks like you had a lovely day with lots of celebrations!

  8. Happy Birthday.

    What a great day! Food and shopping is a fantastic was to spend it!! That's my sort of birthday. :)

  9. Oh Yay! Best birthday ever!! Happy birthday! It all sounds absolutely wonderful. Glad you were spoilt. I love your presents, the eats your outfit, the morning after everything! :)
    Heidi xo

  10. Happy Birthday! I'm loving the shearling collar - perfect for a winter celebration!

  11. Happy Birthday!
    You have the best husband!
    Love your blog and best wishes


  12. Happy birthday Hun!!! Looks like you were well looked after, great presents and all that amazing food! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!

  13. Happy Birthday! The degustation looks delish!

  14. Happy Birthday!! I love the shearling collar.

  15. Happy Birthday kitty kat

    V is such a sweetheart

    so glad you had a wonderful day


  16. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had an amazing time, love the shearling collar, it looks so snuggly and warm. It's also good to know 29 is a good year as that's the next one lined up for me ;)

  17. Happy birthday! And congratulations, you are now the same age as me ;) Seems you you had a lovely day, so nice of the lady at the markets to give you flowers. I went out for dinner last night and wore the same shearling collar - cosy!

  18. happy belated birthday hun! :) sounds like you had a great day. lovvee that CR top!

  19. Happy birthday Cate! Glad to see you had such a fabulous time, I really adore the shearling collar on you! :) xxx

  20. happy birthday! gorgeous gifts and gorgeous outfits!


    It looks like you had the perfect day.

    Beautiful breakfast, dinner and gorgeous prezzys.

    Happy, happy birthday.

  22. Happy birthday!! Dinner looks fantastic, especially that raspberry and lychee trifle!

  23. Wow Happy Birthday! Looks like you had an amazing day! Those choccies look to die for......!!

  24. happy birthday sweetness, your day looked lovely and special and the food so divine! hope it was super magic and all that birthdays should be x

  25. Sounds like you enjoyed a wonderful day celebrating with family :) Love the Versailles candle too... its on my list also. x

  26. You are lucky to be spoilt. I just love the outfit you wore to Caveux restaurant. The black dress hugs you in all the right ways. And the shoes are your best assests. They suit your style and Tony Bianco are my favourites too. Do you like wearing them and do you wear this pair often?


  27. Happy Birthday for the other day! It sounds like you had an amazing day and were spoilt by your family (as it should be on your birthday!)

    Laura - White Winters