Monday, June 13, 2011

tathra time...

So I have been totally MIA the past few days - mea culpa and please hold me excused, but I have been not only out of town, but completely out of mobile phone range! Early, early Saturday morning, V and I packed up the ute and drove down to Tathra, waaaaay down the South Coast, to spend the long weekend with my sister Ro, and her husband, the Beatle

There was a surf comp on in Tathra over the weekend, which is a Very Big Deal down there! And the Beatle, being a champion kick-ass surfer, was entered. V and I were looking forward to seeing him compete (and of course cheering him on!) And V was excited about spending the weekend surfing himself, in a non-competing fashion

We left home at 4am and it looked like this!

Aaaand at around 7:30am is started to look like this

Manicure is William Tell Me About OPI - scarf is Country Road

We arrived in Tathra at around 9am - isn't it absolutely picturesque?

V and Hercules, world cutest sausage dog!

The Beatle and Boo the giant kittycat

After cups of tea all round, the boys quickly donned wetsuits and headed out for a surf - Ro and I drove down to the beach to watch, but first we had to make a pit-stop for coffee and snacks!

I cannot express in words how much I LOVE that Hercules can stand with his little hind legs on the backseat of the car, and his little front feet at the front!

Rugged up super-warm - Tathra is cold in June!

Where else for amazing coffee and delicious homemade goodies, than The Pickle Factory in Tathra? Honestly, I feel like I spent most of the long weekend in here - an absolute must-see if you are ever down in this neck of the woods!

The worlds BEST toasted cheese sandwich (the secret ingredient is chives) - plus an amaaaaazing coffee

Minus the cape, and plus one large cappuccino!

Cotton On dress and sunglasses
Wrangler shadows knit
Jag leather tag and Oroton silk scarf
Tiffany&Co rings and silver tag necklace
Just Jeans cape (shown earlier)

After spending most of the day watching the surf comp (and me watching V buzzing around out in the waves with the other non-competitors), we decided to head out for dinner and drinks...

Outfitted up for dinner!

At the pub on this night, I was told I resembled a barber's pole, and the Virgin Mary - both made me laugh so hard I nearly cried

Alice in the Eve sheer maxi skirt
Country Road tee
Tony Bianco heels
Tiffany&Co rings and necklace
Cat Hammel stacked bracelets
Cotton On striped jumper (not shown)

We had dinner out at Vicolo's restaurant in Merimbula - simply fantastic, authentic Italian food. Highly recommend for a meal, if you are ever down that way

Officially the World's Best Garlic Bread. Period. We ate 3 between the 4 of us!

Sadly, this is about where my camera crapped itself and refused to take any more photos, so I can't share how amazing the rest of the food was (the desert tasting platter is wonderful!) I also cannot share the subsequent evening at the Tathra pub, where Pool Phantom and I beat Ro and Scotty in the longest, most epic game of drunken pool ever. I think the spectators were tempted to gouge their own eyeballs out from sheer boredom long before we finished. But I potted 4 balls and felt very pleased with myself

The following morning, the boys were up disgustingly early (ie 7am) for a surf. Ro and I pottered around the house and relaxed, before heading down to the beach to watch the finals in the competition...

Quite simply the coolest dog ever - blue staffy! I was tempted to pick her up under my arm and just starting running!

Watching the finals...

V in da' hoody...

Some very bad shots of some very good surfing. The Beatle ended up winning not only the final for his division, but also came first on overall points score. Yay!

There was a presentation, food and a (really good!) band on Sunday evening

I met world pro surfer (and celebrity judge) Kai Otton. I actually think he was kind of chuffed when I asked him for a photo...

Scotty Doesn't Know! If photographic proof were required, we were all incredibly loose by this stage...

Simply the funniest photo, ever. B looks like the Devil. In real life he is actually very handsome. Unfortunately for him, I don't think this is his best angle...

Ummm I could have shared photos of the morning-after, in all its bleary-eyed, tousle-haired glory. But I will leave you with the mental image of the four of us zonked out in the living room, watching Friends repeats on Austar, and nomming a truly hangover-worthy breakfast of cheese and bacon rolls, coffee and the most amazing lemon curd muffins

All in all, a truly fantastic long weekend! I am fortunate enough to have tomorrow off work also (don't hate me!), so I am looking forward to a loooong recovery sleep-in

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Looks like a lovely weekend! I love love love all the outfits you wore, particularly your Wrangler knit and the sheer maxi! Stunning <3

  2. Cute pup!! Looks just like my sausage dog Ginger. I always had wished i'd named her Pepperoni... Also loving the maxi skirt and that nail colour. Bang on trend ;) xxx

  3. Oh my word Hercules is GORGEOUS! I love love love sausage dogs, their whole lives are just comical!
    Tathra is beautiful, I haven't been down that way in ages, must get back there.
    Love your maxi!

  4. This looks like such a fun weekend! The maxi skirt looks lovely on you x

  5. I love your dinner outfit and don't think you look like a barber pole or the virgin Mary - not at all! Reminds me of my husband, who thinks wearing white lace looks "religious".

  6. Looks like such a great, relaxing weekend!! Totally jealous as I spent the whole time studying for my law exams!!
    I loveee what you're wearing - question about your cape: is it warm? I LOVE the cape trend atm, but have been hesitant to buy one as I freeze in winter and my practicality gets the better of me!

    - Michaela

  7. All your outfits looked amazing!

  8. Tathra is such a great part of the world, my parents nearly bought a holiday house just down the road from the pub, that would have been fantastic.

    But I agree, it gets cold down there! Glad to see you had a great weekend though, I've decided I could easily and very happily have a 4 day working week every week - pity about the pay issues though.

  9. My grandparents live in Bega - I have very fond memories of Tathra!

  10. That looks like the MOST gorgeous weekend ever, WAH!!!

    I love the mental image I have of Hercules balancing in the car.

    You don't look like a barber's pole haahahahaaa too funny hahaahahaa

  11. You had a much more eventful long weekend than I did! I spent a lot of my childhood in Tathra, oh the memories, haha.

    I love that red skirt. And I possibly would have stolen that staffy if I had the chance.


  12. Awesome weekend! Happy Birthday :))

  13. Oh my god! That wiener is ADORABLE. Eeeee. Your food photos make me jealous as always...