Monday, July 25, 2011

30 day blog challenge - day 1

I found this 30 day blog challenge over at the gorgeous a minute away from snowing and thought it seemed really sweet, and that I would give it a try...

1. five ways to win my heart:~
be silly. make me laugh - so cliche I know, but my favourite moments with the man I love are those spent in hysterical laughter over absolutely nothing
be passionate! engage in debate, argue a point with me, don't be afraid of offending. there is nothing more sexy than someone who feels strongly about something, and can express that
leave me love notes in random places, like the fridge or my dressing-room mirror
cook me a truly amazing meal - and then clean the kitchen
lie next to me at night and hold me so close that your breath in my ear mirrors my own, your heartbeat becomes mine



  1. Awww, lovely. I agree with all of those but the last one especially.

  2. stunning post, my lady. Just gorgeous.
    Heidi xo