Sunday, July 24, 2011

a lovely winter weekend...

Winter just makes me want to hibernate and bunker down in our lovely home - much as I love going out ordinarily, in winter I just want to stay in! One of my favourite ways to spend a Saturday evening in winter is with a hearty home-cooked meal and a good bottle of wine, and maybe some DVD's on the couch with V...

Last night I made a delish pasta with stuffed olives, which we ate with a very nice sav blanc

Winter cider! This stuff is amaaaaazing, we had it warm and it was nommy!

The candle obsession continues - I may or may not have grabbed yet another Glasshouse candle when I was in Sydney last week, Oahu, such a yummy, light scent

On Sunday morning, V and I did a bit more hibernating and slept in, before heading out to look at a few properties for sale...

Accessory of the day - genuine tortoiseshell cuff. This was one of the first gifts V ever gave me, when we were first dating, from an antique jewellery store, and I absolutely treasure it

Today's outfit - obsessed as ever with the shearling!

We met up with my family in the afternoon for coffee (or hot chocolate with whipped cream in my case)

This is why I love tulips so much, they are constantly moving around and adjusting themselves, raising their heads to greet you in the morning, and slowly becoming sleepy and droopy of an evening (just like me!)

We had our usual Sunday dinner with my family, at my parents' house - I made a rhubarb crumble, which was very well-received! Ultimate winter comfort food I think

Hope the weekend was good to you all!


  1. That brand of cider is fantastic. Have you tried the other flavours? All really good.

  2. I have tried a few of the Rekorderlig ciders but I haven't tried this one yet, I have some of it in my cupboard though. I hadn't thought to have it warm!


  3. Great weekend. That pasta looks yummy. Do you have the Manhattan Glasshouse candle? I love it.

  4. I saw that cider yesterday and I was sooooooo tempted!! The combination of apple, cinnamon and vanilla was almost too good to pass up. Unfortunately I am off alcohol for the duration - another 3 months to go and I'll be happily tucking in to a nice glass of French Champagne methinks!

    But great minds clearly think alike. And I'm glad to know it lived up to expectations...

    Love the cuff too. Have you seen the new Mimco Precious weave bangle?

    K xx

  5. yummmmm the pasta + wine + dvd combo is one of my FAVOURITES, sounds like such a lovely weekend! <3 x

  6. Looks like a lovely weekend! Mine was much the same - not much leaving the house! x

  7. I bought another Glasshouse as well, Montego Bay this time. It's hard to branch out when you have a favourite.
    Love the tulips!
    Rhubarb crumble looks delish!!

  8. Those tulips are stunning!!!
    Looks like you had a gorgeous weekend lovely.


  9. catsaymeow - I LOVE this brand of cider! I've tried the pear flavour and also the berry one, so delish

    Laura - its veeeery nommy and excellent warm, you just heat it gently. It actually stayed fizzy, surprisingly

    Miss Kitty_Cat - I'll bet that first glass of champers is going to taste amaaazing! :) Am off to check out the new Mimco bangle!

    Reezy - my last big Glasshouse candle was Montego Bay, love!

    Bonsai - I've never tried the Manhattan candle, is it nice? I am slightly apprehensive of the colour I must admit


  10. oooh recently i tried rekorderlig for the first time and it was YUMMMMY. i need to try this winter one. did the bubbles keep with being warmed up? confused :O

  11. i love rekordlig! i have the same q as holly about heating it.. how'd you do it? my favorite glasshouse candle is amalfi coast.. yum... the pasta looks delish!! xx

  12. oh! Nights like this are perfect. Absolutely perfect. What a beautiful cuff too, snap to V - so impressive ;)
    Heidi xo
    p.s. crumble looks amazing!

  13. Inspired by this post I bought so winter cider yesterday. OMG so good! So glad I have a winter cider to get me through till it seems appropriate to drink the strawberry and lime one again.