Friday, July 1, 2011

the owls and the kittycat(e)...

This morning, I woke up to fresh, sweet-smelling jonquils by my bedside table. I grabbed these from the produce markets yesterday, nothing is as cheering as a bunch of flowers greeting you when you awaken!

After a decent sleep in, V and I headed out to face the world, starting with a spot of breakfast at Owls cafe...

Loves me a cute, quirky little cafe space, and Owls is definitely that

V had sourdough toast topped with avocado, cracked pepper and lemon juice - absolutely amazing combo!

My breakfast - untoasted muesli with nuts (yes, its hiding under the fruit!), served with fruit salad, natural yoghurt and honey

Really, really fantastic coffee is to be had at Owls - by Little Marionette roasters

How freaking cute is this tea cosy? The waitress said a customer just gave it to them - love!

I am officially obsessed with this cashmere sweater, its my new favourite winter top! So soft and cosy and warm...

Country Road cashmere sweater
Forever New maxi skirt
Diana Ferrari booties
Cotton On sunglasses
Jag leather satchel

V and I may also have taken advantage of the massive David Jones sale happening at the moment, and snapped up some lurvely Sheridan towels, and some sass&bide goodies (70% off, seriously!) Pictures sure to feature in the coming days!

Hope you are all enjoying a nice, relaxing weekend!


  1. I ADORE this outfit! I love a silky maxi, and I love how you've winter-ised it with the sweater :) xx

  2. waaaaai did i not go in dj's today? spent an hour in howards storage world instead. wah!

    that skirt is gorgeous. i'm so sad i missed out on it.

    the flowers, don't they give you a headache by your bed? i can only have them in the living areas.
    i've got tulips today, pink ones :)

  3. You look delicious, an' I luv yoo.
    That is all :D xx

  4. Owls looks lovely and how cute is the tea cosy?!

  5. aelie - I actually totally stole the outfit inspiration from your recent blog post involving your nude maxi skirt and a pearl-studded sweater!

    holly - sale is still on tomorrow! :D I had the jonquils on my desk at work yesterday and they did make me feel a bit head-achey, but beside the bed they seem fine surprisingly! I love pink tulips, gorgeous!

    Amber - love you right back gorgeous lady! :)

    SSG - its such an amazing little cafe, highly recommend if you're ever in the area!


  6. I love cashmere, it's so soft! Beautiful skirt too!


  7. Thanks for the homewares tip! C and I just purchased a gorgeous leather coach and I've put myself in charge of finding some nice cream throw cushions :) Agree with Aelie, the silky maxi looks gorgeous with your black sweater. It's making me miss my CR staff discount!

  8. i love your skirt, you manage to pull it off without looking like you're off to a stevie nicks costume party.

    the best thing about living in perth is that there's still loads of awesome shit to buy at the sass and bide sale. people here don't take shopping as seriously as their eastern counterparts. all the moar for me.

  9. LOVE your outfit, Cate. You're fabulous fashion inspiration for me. V cute cafe name, same goes with the coffee - Little Marionette! Adorable. Oh & I love jonquils - my fav :)
    Heidi xo