Friday, July 1, 2011

today I...

got lots of snuggles from the kittehs in bed this morning...

consequently, was tempted to oversleep!

cooked myself THE most delicious porridge with cinnamon and honey...

went to the produce markets before work...

cosied it up in cashmere...

actioned a little post-work evening snack...



  1. Your outfit looks lovely, and Balsamic Peanuts?!?! :O
    om nom nom, I do believe a trip to Woolworths is in order now!
    Have a lovely weekend

  2. I like the look of that cashmere sweater! And those after-work snacks... I have a left-field question, what made you choose the name of your blog? I like it a lot, just wondered what the origin of the name is?

  3. i'd just like to say nice bod cate.

  4. Nice! Your breakfast looks scrumptious!! Love your little wine and nibbles selection too :)

  5. Aly - be warned, they are super addictive! I may have finished the entire bag almost by myself :D

    Tori - thanks hun! I first read the phrase "all cats are gray at night" in one of my favourite books, The Three Musketeers, but its actually a reference first made by Samuel Pepys in his diaries. I might do a blog post this week explaning exactly what it means!

    holly - nawww thanks hun! :D

    Reezy - nothing better than wine and nibbles of a friday evening!


  6. Balsamic vinegar peanuts?! Why I never!
    Heidi xo