Friday, August 12, 2011

5 things that made me smile this week...

1. Ballet class! I went to ballet class this week, for the first time in nearly 20 years, and it was FABULOUS! I had so much fun, even though I was completely lost nearly 99.9% of the time LOL. Another ticked off my 30 before 30 list!

2. A long-overdue upgrade to plasma...

3. Jasper on his tower - King of da world!

4. Little lamby-print drink bottle...

5. Drinking Twinnings afternoon tea in the morning - 'cause I'm a rebel like that


  1. massive YAY for ballet!! :) I had to skip this week cause I was sick, but it's so much fun isn't it! I was so sore after my first class though, haha.
    Hannah xx

  2. I have been dying to do adult ballet (no ballet knowledge apart from 2 years when I was 6). But sadly there is no such thing as adult ballet in Wagga (unless I want to get my leg warmers on in a class of 6 year olds...)

  3. Gosh I love tea.

    Have a lovely weekend twinkle toes ;)


  4. i love twinings afternoon tea! nom nom. good on you for getting back into ballet. must be nice to cross something else off the list :) xx

  5. Jasper is looking soo cute!!
    And that little lamby drink bottle! I've been looking for a water bottle recently actually.
    Good on you for trying ballet!! I'm way too uncoordinated to even try it, so I admire you!!

  6. Looking good, but tuck those bad boys in lest you trip over them!

  7. Jasper is such a doll!

  8. Congrats on starting ballet again! You look so cute in your ballet shoes! x

  9. You finally got the tv haha, now you can take photos all the time with it in the background :D

    Loving the pic of Jasper, so adorable!

  10. Your ballet shoes look very cute. Love the 30 before 30 idea - I may try it too, although I have only 3 months to go!!

  11. Oh! Ballet class!! I miss ballet. Great turnout ;) & yay for tea :)
    Heidi xo