Friday, August 5, 2011

sepia-toned saturday...

Isn't today just gorgeous? So sunny and warm! Whatever happened to winter? I must confess, much as I am enjoying it right now, this unseasonally warm weather has me very worried about how hot summer is going to be this year!

I was having a bit of a sepia moment with Instagram this morning, hence all of the following photos being sepia-toned...

My lovely sister R was up from the coast for a visit today, so she and I had breakfast together at lee&me cafe

Home-made lemonade

OMG best breakfast EVAH! Vanilla bean pancakes with rhubarb and cinnamon compote, sweet ricotta, and pistachio and pecan praline

R went all healthy on me and had the granola with fruit and yoghurt

American Apparel wet-look leggings
Eleventh Commandment tunic
Tony Bianco gladiator sandals
Jag leather satchel

This photo is sepia-toned AND washed out - bonus! Instagram does strange things with lighting on occasion (yes Cate, blame the iPhone...)

Freshly coloured hair (in sepia! much brighter and redder in real colour), and freshly cut fringe. No more shetland pony-esque shaggy forelock, hallelujah!

My current fave T2 Tea - so light and flora and delicious!

V is currently watching his nephew's soccer game, so indulged in a couple of crosswords

Jasper is still snuggled up in bed...

Jade proving definitively that cats are, in fact, solar-powered

I'm off to bask in a sunbeam myself, in the back courtyard, with my Harry Potter novel. Happy sunny Saturday!


  1. Vanilla bean pancakes???!!! I need to get on an aeroplane ASAP and meet you there!
    I love your cats, they are super cute!

  2. God your posts always make me so hungry! The Gong seems to have some amazing food/cafes.

    Enjoy your Harry Potter! :)

  3. Hi Cate
    I hope this doesn't sound lame and soppy but I just wanted to thank you. Im a long time reader, first time commenter (not creepy i hope). Im also a fourth year laws/arts student in QLD and I work as a clerk at a small law firm. You've given me hope that lawyers can be a) lovely and warm, b) have a life outside of work and c) FASHIONABLE! I definitely like law but sometimes I just want to run off- certainly around exam time at uni and end of financial year at work. ARGH! So yes, thanks very much and keep up the awesome blogging. Much appreciated.
    P.s. love your goregous kittys, I just want to give them a big snuggle!

  4. Look at your engagement ring and wedding band peeking out there!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ I am considering a diamond band to go under my e ring.... wah... don't know, donnnnnnnn't know.... I'm hoping the ring is revealed on the old bloggy soon.... heheheheheheeee my secrets!!!


  5. I'll trade your pretend winter for Germany's pretend summer! Been horrible weather here lately.
    Those pancakes look delicious! Have a great weekend.

  6. I read vanilla bean pancakes and my baby started kicking. She clearly approves - as do I!

    Your Saturday looks fantastic.

    K xx

  7. Must have been a pancake kind of weekend. It was all damp and grey in Canberra, I made pancakes and the skies magically cleared! I think there is a lesson in that for all of us.

    I too am loving the warmer weather but I think you are right, summer is going to be a scorcher.

  8. looks like a delicious, comfortbale, and relaxed day...! :D

    XO Sahra

  9. your cats are adorable!

    and i'm sort of addicted to instagram. for some reason that really-bad-smog-like sepia color makes everything look romantic and mysterious.