Wednesday, August 3, 2011

random snaps...

I have been enjoying participating in Make Up Free Monday (another on my 30 before 30 list). Pic is taken sans make-up, this Monday. 'Scuse my bizarre expression, not exactly sure what's going on there

It has been SO lovely and sunny and warm this week! Absolutely gorgeous weather

Had to go walkies yesterday to meet with a barrister - sadly I was wearing 13cm heels, which did not appreciate the uneven pavement, and I may or may not have done a spectacular near-face-plant. Hmmmm maybe I should sue the local council LMAO

Sock bun + rose&ruby silk flower = huge hair!

Mmmmmm fresh raspberries, such a treat

I leave you with another random little Jasper video - this is Jasper blissfully digging his little claws into my stomach and purring



  1. I love the hair! The flower is very pretty!


  2. I love Jasper.

    You are one of those truly lucky people who looks just as nice with makeup as without. I look like a sea monster without my face on.

  3. Love these :) Those raspberries look awesome xo

  4. Gorgeous flower!! It's so prettty :)

  5. oh bless, Jasper looks like a cuddly soft toy. think I'll rock a sock bun tomorrow as well! you've perfected it =)

  6. Your skin is so smooth, you hardly need makeup. That tree reminds me of something out of a Tim Burton film.

  7. Ahhh Jasper, so cute!!!
    Nothing worse than heels on uneven payments. My uni has cobblestone, now that is a challenge to walk on!

  8. Wow I would never think your make up free face had no make up on it. You have beautiful skin. Everytime Jasper is showcased on your blog I want to buy my little 1/4 ragdoll moggie a Jasper brother. Adorable.

  9. Looking gorgeous as always! Do you wear your hair flower to work? I don't know that my office full of engineer boys could cope with it.

    I'm loving this warmer weather, it is just delightful, can't wait for summer. I do love winter but it has been a super cold one.

  10. Love the sock bun with the flower! You have such gorgeous skin, I wish mine looked like that without foundation! x

  11. Nice collection of random.

    Aww Jasper's video makes me miss my cat. So very long since I've enjoyed him clawing me and purring. He lives with my parents and I don't really get quality time with him anymore.