Monday, August 29, 2011

snapshots of monday...

Such gorgeously sunny weather! Almost took the sting entirely out of the Monday

I was on the road today for work, beetling around the south coast to a couple of views, one of which involved me standing in a mens' public toilet for 2 hours with an engineer (imagine me in my nice work clothes and 13cm heels telling little old men they had to wait to pee, ohhh the glamour! LOL) Given as I needed the assistance of a sat nav, I commandeered the Phantom

I had a few moments to spare in Berry, so I treated myself to a cuppa and a delish slice of carrot cake at the Berry Tea Shop

Getting home to find the kittehs have taken over the spare room...

My new fave Glasshouse scented candle! So zesty, makes me think of springtime



  1. It's been beautiful weather hasn't it?! Hope it stays clear for our meet on the weekend! :) Still a bit chilly at night here though..

  2. I love the image of you in your work clothes and heels in the public toilet. The things we do for work. I remember once shopping for work clothes with a friend and saying, no I need more trousers I spend so much of my day crawling around on my knees. This comment resulted in a much longer conversation on just how un-glamorous marketing really is.

  3. love Glasshouse candles I want to try the new Rodeo Drive one x

  4. Missing your blog posts... please post more, lovely lady! xx