Sunday, August 21, 2011

cosy on a sunday...

Such a gorgeous, sunny morning we had today!

Weather that called for short sleeves and sandals, and a walk along the beach...

Country Road tee
Forever New pants
Tony Bianco sandals
Cotton On sunglasses
Jag leather satchel

Aaand then the sky started to look like this...

So I got changed into this - nothing is cosier than stealing your husband's hoodie, score!

We hibernated inside all afternoon with lunch and multiple cups of tea

Still reading my way through the Harry Potter series - love

Candles are, as always, essential to up the cosiness factor

Seriously obsessed with this mineral water - retails at my local for$1.19 per bottle!

How unbelievably gorgeous is this little felted fairy? Mum bought her for me from New Zealand, and I cannot wait to hang her up! Need to find somewhere the cats cannot get at her...

Beautiful sunset



  1. I adore your pants :) They look like the perfect fit & lovely peach/pink colour!! xo

  2. I think we share a few similar items in our wardrobes... I have those pants too. I never thought of pairing them with a plain white tee, looks so simple yet stylish.

  3. Cute pants! Love the fairy your mum gave you, that's so sweet of her. I have serious candle envy, really wish I could run to the shops and stock up now :)

  4. What a lovely cozy day you had, seems perfect....

  5. those pants look so great on you. perfect fit and colour!

    my husband hates hoodies and so has none. I really should have considered this before marrying him!

  6. Love this outfit! I have those wedges too, can't wait to start wearing them again! x

  7. Oooh this is the outfit you posted about in VF! It sounded gorgeous, and it is :) I have a very similar pair of pants in a dark rust colour but can't pull it off as well as you!

  8. Love, love love your fairy. Do find her a place out of cat reach as they will no doubt love her too - just in a different way!

    Be careful of the mineral water, it is surprisingly high in salt. I love it to, but find I need to drink it along with a plain glass of water.

  9. I love those trousers. Are they in store at the moment? I might have to 'accidentally' pop into a store! tehehe

    What's your instagram name?


  10. Lovely pants, lady! & nothing screams weekend lunch to me more than a salad roll :) with beetroot. and cheese. and roast chicken, yum. Oh, and yes, I'm completely obsessed with mineral water too. Considering a soda stream thing to make my own!
    Heidi xo