Saturday, August 20, 2011

snapshots of saturday...

Saturday morning was just SO gorgeous in my little corner of NSW! Sunny and fresh and wonderfully warm - weather to be outside in, so that is what we did

We started the day with my current breakfast obsession - toasted blueberry bagels topped with ricotta, honey and sliced strawberries

I dressed for the lovely warm morning we were having - and had to laugh when, halfway home from my walk with V, it turned cold and windy and grey. That's spring weather for you, I guess!

I had fun wandering around the local fruit and veg market doing the weekly shop - I am a weirdo (yes, for oh-so-many-reasons), in that I really enjoy doing the grocery shopping. Even in torrential downpour!

My local Woolies had tulips on sale! Given that I am jumping wholeheartedly onto the orange-loving bandwagon, these seem too perfect to pass up

Treated myself to a couple of my favourite magazines

Cooked Jamie Oliver's Best Ever bubble'n'squeak with roast sausages and red onion gravy, served with watercress dressed with lemon juice. Far simpler than it actually sounds/looks, which I love

I have been having a strange tim-tam moment lately, as I usually don't really rate them - maybe they've changed the recipe? Giving our Vera Wang for Wedgewood chinaware a good workout!

Fell asleep to this cutie snuggled on my legs, purring

Hope the weekend is being kind to you all!


  1. Your breakfast looks delish!

  2. Grocery shopping is the best kind of shopping... but never do it when you are hungry!

  3. Delicious looking bagel combo there! I think I shall be stealing it... :) xo

  4. That outfit looks cute! I think I've eaten a million strawberries this weekend past. Oops.