Monday, September 5, 2011


This week is something a bit special for me - a whole week of annual leave! We are not going on holidays, I am simply taking a much-deserved week of leave to decompress and relax. So far, it has been blissful

Funnily enough, when you know you don't have to go to work on Monday, Sunday takes on far more of a relaxed, lazy feel! V and I spent Sunday chilling out and enjoying each others' company...

I love how I can always see V in the surf now, thanks to his fluoro board

We enjoyed coffee and shared a norty mars bar slice

Made up for it with a nommy quinoa salad for lunch

This morning, V headed off to Dubbo for work at the yawn-inducing hour of 5am - I naturally went back to bed for a few hours, before getting up and enjoying a truly lazy morning

Brekky and reading blogs - perfection

I spent most of the day with my sister, which was lovely, then came home and baked these delish muffins

They involve natural yoghurt, oats and mixed berries, so I am telling myself they are relatively healthy :P

Cooked up a vege and cashew stirfry with brown rice for dinner

Spring is truly upon us! Sunsets at 6pm, complete with gorgeous fluffy cloudscapes



  1. Love the colours on that surf board - gorgeous!!! Totally colours I'm willing to wear this summer.

    Enjoy your time off lady.


  2. That sounds like bliss! A week off to stay at home and do 'you' things. I'm soooooo tempted!! Especially with this glorious weather we're having. I love that Spring is here, makes me so happy.
    And that mars bar slice. NOM!

  3. Yes, in the legal profession it's sometimes very hard to get away. I am very jealous of your lazy day... Seems you enjoyed a perfect one :)

  4. Cate, I think I saw you this morning at Nth Gong train station! You were wearing a stripy top, yes? Wanted to come up and say hi, but thought I'd look like a crazy stalker!!

    Anyway, on a less stalker note, that cloudscape is gorgeous! When I was living at Woonona I took some amazing photos of sunsets on the way home!

  5. This post has made me so hungry! All of that food looks delish, especially the quinoa salad xo

  6. You have totally made me excited about my two weeks off school at the end of this month... Cannot wait! XX

  7. I think a week at home is actually the best most relaxing kind of holiday. When I go "on holiday" I want to get out, do and see things and while I might mentally relax, I don't think it is rejuvinating. Have a lovely week!

  8. Great pics! I'm soo jealous you're on holidays! And so nice bumping into you today (excuse my awkward 'hello', haha) I hope you had a lovely day in Sydney :) We really should meet for coffee, there's some nice cafes at uni (if thats not too much of a hassle). xo

  9. Enjoy your time off! I really want to try and make mars bar slice, I'm putting it on my list.