Tuesday, September 6, 2011

if flowers bore you, look away now...

Consider yourselves duly warned! hehe

My Mum and I caught to train to Sydney today, to enjoy the David Jones Flower Show (and in other exciting news, I ran into the gorgeous Hannah at the train station!)

Much walking meant comfy, flat shoes were called for!

We may or may not have squeezed some shopping into our morning...

The show was called Floriography, which means the language of flowers - highly recommend a look if you are in Sydney, the whole thing was just stunning

La-la-loved the hanging crystal thingos!

Roses and orchids, oh my!

The window displays were particularly impressive...

These roses were just SO decadent and gorgeous - and the bell jars were so lovely, Mum and I now want to track some down for ourselves

This window display involved ginger lillies and the colour orange - both of which put me in mind of the lovely Faux Fuchsia. The fact that I managed to capture the reflection of the Hermes logo in the glass sort of felt like a Fuchsia-trifecta!

More orange - want those vases!

I particularly liked this display - the combination of fluffy white blossoms, sparkles of silver, and rustic logs and shoehorns was so pretty

Currently at home, after a long and enjoyable day, chilling out with the kittehs

Hope you are all having a lovely week!


  1. Great photos! Been meaning to check out DJ's. How can one resist flowers? What a great start to your week off. Enjoy the rest of it!

    P.S It was great meeting you on Saturday! xx

  2. Hahaha oh if I ever see you again I will definitely say hello!! That's so funny - Hannah and I were blog-commenting that we go to UOW together and catch the train together and one day it is inevitable we will run into each other !
    How funny that there were three of us all on the one platform!
    Your kittehs are looking adorable as always. I'm intensely jealous - I want some kitties of my own to cuddle!

  3. I had forgotten about DJs in spring, I will have to go and have a look.


  4. So pretty!!!
    I love flowers, LOVE flowers
    Spring is on it's way!!!


  5. Gosh that looks gorgeous. I love that DJ's still puts the effort in with things like this and the Christmas windows.

  6. how long is the flower show on for? i went to DJs quickly last week to pick up some cosmetics and i noticed people seemed to be taking snaps..and wondered what was going on. Was in a rush so didn't get to go for a closer look (that, and also i don't go to DJs much, more of Myer shopper)

  7. thanks for the shout out! Those orange lillies and vases are the BOMB!!!!! Well done Florence. x

  8. I had a look at DJS after seeing your post, so pretty! I loved the crystals hanging with the flowers. And of course I couldn't help but make a few impulse purchases..... Your kitties are so cute :)

  9. Does the whole cosmetics hall just SMELL divine with all those blooms? My absolute favourite time of the year.

  10. Oh wow ! I wishhhhhhh I lived in Sydney to see the flowers !? Adelaide does NOT have a good selection of flowers let alone display !

  11. Thats so funny I come to read this post, and I was in the windows just yesterday starting to take the displays down! (I dont usually work at the city store, but was sent there to help for a few days). They're all getting taken down on Monday. Its so sad they're not in there for longer! I was supposed to be working but couldn't help staring at everything. I am in awe of what talent the florist has to come up with the arrangements.