Tuesday, September 27, 2011

tuesday update...

Have I been a bad blogger lately, or what? Life does have a way of catching up with one at times! Anyway, here is a bit of an update...

On Saturday, V and I enjoyed some time together over lunch at the quirky Owls cafe

World's best chai - big call, I know, but 'tis true!

The cold, miserable weather meant jeans were a necessity

Spinach and fetta quesadilla with lemons and yoghurt dipping sauce, nom!

On Sunday, we headed up to Sydney with my family - a friend of ours needed some things cleared out of a storage locker, and we volunteered to help out. V and I were also given some gorgeous rosewood furniture, which we just love! Photos further down...

After an hour or so of heavy lifting (or riding around on the industrial furniture trolley in my case!), we headed into Glebe for sustenance at Digi.Kaf - ummmm, killah coffee people!

At my Mum's insistence, behold the Best Cup Of Tea Evah!

V had the not-so-big brekky

More coffeeeeeee!

Om nom nom - seriously the most amazing french toast ever, with bacon and maple syrup

And behold the gorgeous new furniture! I have put our wedding proof album on here, seems to work

Gorgeous rosewood chairs...

Chair with a cosy angora throw

Aaaaand our lovely friend also gave us a bookshelf, yeeeee! Meant I got to pull some of my books out of storage - like greeting old friends. The Hans Christian Anderson fairytale collection was a gift from a Danish friend of the family, when I was 3. Cherished.

This week, V is away in Canberra for work - so I have been consoling myself with scented candles

And reading my little butt off - still working my way through the Harry Potter series!

Currently at home by myself, watching The Village - may regret that choice later!


  1. Oh no don't get scared!!!!

    The furniture looks lovely in your house, isn't it amazing the way a new piece can totally lift a room!


  2. Yes you're a very bad blogger! ;) glad to see you back! Sounds like a lovely weekend - and super busy. Must try that chai one day ;)

  3. Your new furniture looks beautiful!

  4. All that food makes me hungry! :) and reading HP-books sounds like a great thing to do on a night in!

  5. I love that furniture, it looks gorgeous with your wedding album on it! x

  6. oh what a great blog! and great to see you're also from Sydney :)

    now following <3


  7. The Village is quite a good scary movie to watch alone because you get nice and scared but in the end you know that it wasn't real so there is nothing to worry about. Not like me stupidly watching Paranormal Activity by myself.

    The new furniture is gorgeous, congratulations on getting it!

  8. So glad you're back!! How lovely is your new furniture? Gorgeous :)

  9. SO much good food! french toast sounds mouth watering..its been too long since I've made some!! have a lovely week :) x

  10. I was wondering where you'd gone! Haha. What gorgeous furniture! How nice of your friend! The Village is such a weird movie *shudder*