Saturday, September 17, 2011

spring has sprung!

Yay for Saturday! And yay for spring! Which was well and truly sprung - how gorgeously warm and sunny has it been this week? And today being no exception, V and I packed ourselves up for a day spent outdoors, soaking up the springtime...

We kicked off with coffee and breakfast at lee&me cafe

V had the roll - predictable, non? :)

Mmmmm the most amazing bircher muesli, with fresh fruit, natural yoghurt and a kaffir lime and mango compote

It was a two-coffee day today, 'kay?

Sunshine and silhouettes!

We drove down to the farm, and V spent the morning surfing

I chillaxed on the beach - lots of SPF30+, essential!

How cute is this little Kikki_K journal?

The sun was starting to dip, and V and I were in dire need of refreshment, so we headed into Shellharbour and grabbed milkshakes

Aaaaand just to round this post out nicely, here is a shot of Jasper, imitating a bunny

Happy weekend all!


  1. Thats one fancy pants muesli, looks incredibly tasty :) Seriously beautiful weather today, looks like a super fun day! And aww I love all your cute cat pics x

  2. yum, i am so going to get me some lee&me one weekend this summer!
    the farm is such a nice spot, great shots

  3. Great pics! It's been so beautiful this week x

  4. You always have the most perfect weekends! x

  5. It is divine weather! I'm loving short sleeves and thinking about wearing sunscreen. What a great weekend you had.

  6. i get cat envy every time jasper makes an appearance. purrboxx could never be so adorable :/ also, youtube 'maru and the giant box' immediately. cute kitteh overload.

  7. Jasper! Too cute!

    How awesome is spring?! xo