Saturday, October 22, 2011

summer snapshots...

Yet another week has flashed by, and the weekend has arrived, hooray! V is off to Port Macquarie next week, so we have been trying to spend lots of time together before he has to go

V and I had after-work drinkies and snacks at Swell cafe last week - the lovely Mike has his liquor licence now, yay! This was one of the best cheese platters I have ever had

What a perfect way to spend a summer evening! (On a side note, that evening I received the best compliment of my life! There was a little girl in the cafe with her mother, and Mike told me afterwards that she saw me outside, then ran in saying "Mummy, mummy, there's a princess outside!" Nawww bless, made my day!)

This morning, I had to drag my sorry butt outta bed at some ungodly hour (I believe it may have been 9am), to go see my GP about my still-painful leg. He did some weird manipulation of my knee and I yelped out loud (sorry lovely GP!) - verdict is it all seems fine stability-wise, just some very sore and strained ligaments. I am armed with lots of stretches and exercises, plus some anti-inflammatories. Wish me luck!

Here's the hot tip - Owls cafe in Wollongong makes THE best iced coffee evah! V said that the iced chocolate was damn good too

Mmmmmmm, creamy iced coffee goodness...

I have had this Just Jeans cotton maxi dress for many years, and its just as much a favourite now as it was back when I first bought it. Perfect for summer!

Highly, highly recommend this nice little NZ drop, by the boys who used to own/operate the Cloudy Bay winery, which was recently bought out by Yankees

Yummy fresh summer dinner - loving the avocados at the moment!

Jade says hai!

AAAAARGH, EXTREME CLOSE-UP! Jasper is wearing his we-are-not-amused face

Loving this gorgeous, summery weather!


  1. Pretty dress lady!! that cheese platter looks scrumptious, mmmmmm :) x

  2. it's not summmmmer babe it's still spring! YAY~!

    damn i love a cheese plate. i've been craving truffle pecorino all week xx

    hahaha jasper probably learned that face from you!

  3. A PRINCESS!!!

    Oh my god, best most cutest thing ever haahahahahaaaa

    Don't you love clothes that seem to work season after season! Love it!!!

    The cheese platter looks delicious, I know what I want to eat STAT!


  4. Love your maxi dress, don't you just love wardrobe shopping?! How cute is Jasper, my puppy hates it when I try to take too many snaps of her.

    Love what the little girl said, that's so sweet. I remember when I was taking the ferry home from uni one day, I'd almost fallen asleep and a little girl said to her mum that I looked like a sleeping princess, naww!

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

  5. What a beautiful dress! The print is lovely.

    Hope everything goes well with your leg xx

  6. hahahaha Jasper!!

    Hope your knee mends itself soon.

  7. It was such a gorgeous weekend, perfect for dress wearing (thank god given it is Frocktober). That cheese platter looks superb.

  8. ARGH, that iced coffee looks FAB! You know how obsessed I am with iced coffee (I may or may not be drinking a GJs Caramel Nut iced coffee as I type), so you must promise to take me there next time we come to visit, please please? :)

  9. ahh looks so fun!