Wednesday, October 26, 2011

snapshots of wednesday...

Today, V left for Port Macquarie, bright and early at 5:30am

And I went back to bed for a good hour or so...

And got me some kitteh snuggles!

Some mornings, even Maccas coffee will do the job - mmmm, caffeine hit

This is me trying to get more vegetables in my life - get in mah belly! Nom!

Lovely "love" charm bracelet from V

Look what my gorgeous V brought home last night! To keep me company while he is away, he knows me so well hahaha

Tonight, I am a living breathing cliche - I may or may not have a face mask on right now

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Hahahahahaahaha
    there is NOTHING wrong with having a cozy night in!! I more often than not reach for a magazine or a chick flick and I'm TOTALLY with you on the red wine.


  2. I am seriously loving kitteh-snuggles right now - the sweetest thing!

  3. Look after yourself while V is away, lovely one! Sending loads of love xoxoxo

  4. Cliche's are good. S has been away for a week. In that week a good deal of chocolate and red wine may well have been consumed whilst wearing a facemask. It is a coping mechanisim.

  5. Awww that bracelet is lovely!

    Ms Jelena xx

  6. These are from Instagram right? Whats your username?