Saturday, November 26, 2011

i really must apologise for the shocking weather...

Herro! Long time no blog! Life really has been getting in the way this past week. Not that I'm complaining, its all been fun stuff, for the most part.

Anyway, to the weather - I may have spent last weekend carefully sorting my clothes, and washing and storing away aaaaall my winter gear, in boxes right up the top of the wardrobe where I can only reach by standing on the computer chair (risking my neck, and V's ire). So clearly, now that my wardrobe is entirely summer-appropriate, the weather gods decide that a nice little reminder of winter would be nice *le sigh*


I countered the gloom on Friday with a Sportscraft knit (flogged from Mum's wardrobe *ahem* sorry Mum! I swear I'll give it back someday!)

The upshot of all the rain was that V couldn't work on Friday, so he took me out for lunch at Lower East

Masala chai with honey, perfect antidote to the miserable weather!

Friday night was our work Christmas party in Sydney - 'twas a fun night! It was a dress-up party, and the theme was Black and White

The Wollongong office went dressed as legal documents - to be specific, a Statement of Claim. The details aren't clear in this picture unfortunately, but we made it pretty hilarious, and it went down an absolute treat at the party

Today, V and I spent a nice cruisy morning in town...

World's best iced coffee at Owls cafe!

Today was unfortunately not so relaxing for the kittehs, who needed their shots done, and so a visit to the vet was in order. Poor babies. I was not in the good books this afternoon!

This afternoon was certainly more summery and warm though. I celebrated with homemade lemon iced tea, and got myself into a suitably Christmassy mindset with some Donna Hay Christmas magazines

The kittehs are ignoring me right now, and enjoying one another's company instead. I believe there is some chicken breast left over from dinner, maybe I can tempt them to forgiveness with that...

Hope everyone is having a lurvely weekend, and staying out of the rain!


  1. Your kittens are so frickn cute! Agree with the bad weather..So over it!

  2. AHHH Cutie cats!!!
    I am so damn jealous of your life Cate! I think J is getting so sick of my pining for a little kitteh in my life. This is my one and only regret moving out of home - leaving my Furby behind!

    V's shorts are pretty cool!
    And I LOVE the dress up idea! That is too funny!!

  3. Thank goodness some sunshine popped through the clouds yesterday. Hope the kitties survived their shots.

  4. Good to see you back! I cracked up at your Statement of Claim costume, that's so awesome! x

  5. Totally feeling you on the summer/winter clothes dilemma! Although it was actually kinda nice to be able to wear some clothes that I regretted not wearing more of in winter.. one last hurrah :)

  6. There is nothing quite like the grudge held by an annoyed cat!

    The Statement of Claim t-shirt is hilarious. Did you each go as a different page?

  7. What a gorgeous glass your ice-coffee was served in! Crazy weather, right? 33 and so muggy in Melbourne today, and tomorrow is 20. what the?
    Heidi xo

  8. Hahah at the fancy dress - so funny!! And clever, but I expect clever with lawyers :)

    The weather here has been hideous - hot and humid for a few days - disgusting - and then cold and windy. I had my party last night and was so very cold.