Thursday, December 1, 2011

nearing the end of the week...

Look what arrived in my house the other day...

Hello, gorgeous!

Seriously, you have no idea the excitement - I put my tutu on and danced and leapt around the living room like a crazy person. Its so floaty! Very excited for the concert now!

Action shot!

Nommed on some ferreros at work today - fave choccies evah!

Why yes, I am purrrrfectly comfortable sleeping on a stack of coffee table books...

In other news, we had pizza for dinner at Lupa

Looking forward to Friday - work Christmas drinks tomorrow night, yeow!


  1. You look gorgeous!! Yay, I'm so excited for you!! I got the rest of my costume today actually, and have my concert next week. Wooooo for ballet :) xo

  2. Haha love the action shot. I think it's every girls dream to own a tutu! Good luck with your concert.

  3. Cool! I love your tutu!!! How exciting.

    And that pizza looks great. It has been a big pizza week for us, but all home-made using up stuff from our cocktail party last weekend.

  4. OMG! Your tutu is divine!! I'd be dancing around with glee too :) Have fun tonight!
    Heidi xo

  5. OMG at your tutu!! You look adorable heehee!

  6. I LOVE that tutu. LOVE IT!!! Where will you wear it? xxx

  7. Oh so pretty! How exciting you are doing ballet again - you look gorgeous. Good luck with the concert.

    Sorry for the external link but you may like this blog entry - it is the story of a very sick little girl who had her wish made true by Starlight - dancing on stage with the Australian Ballet. Just beautiful.