Wednesday, December 28, 2011

in which I am completely spot-free, and celebrate christmas, ACAGAN style...

Greetings from the land of the laptop-less! I have been completely MIA, as my poor laptop took a little tumble off the couch and its hinge got sightly munted, so its in the computer hospital being repaired. Meaning I have to snatch whatever blog-opportunities I can get, on whichever computer I can find - tonight, being on my Dad's laptop. So here is a belated Christmas post!

PS: I do not have chicken-pox and danced in my concert quite happily - photos to follow when I get the chance!

Being the sad little Christmas-fan I am, I always wear my Peter Alexander Christmas kitten PJ's on Christmas eve - laugh all you want, but I think they are kewt!

Presents! V's gift was a brand new, custom-made surfboard - which he christened in spectacular style on Boxing Day by splitting his head open and requiring 3 stitches, the duffer

Wheeeee, Kindle! My Christmas present from V! Totally love it, and have already downloaded (and read) 3 books on it

My sister and brother-in-law gave me this gorgeous bronze and coral Samantha Wills bracelet (the burnt orange skirt in the background is from Veronika Maine, a gift from my parents)

Delish perfume from V...

Coolest book EVAH! from my little brother...

Christmas nails! OPI Quarter of a Cent-Cherry, with OPI Teenage Dream over the top

After breakfast and presents at my parents' house, we got everything set up for lunch - my brother made this totally amazeballs punch, which involved pink grapefruit juice and lots of fruit. Divine!


My first-ever attempt at a glazed ham! Hello, gorgeous!

I may or may not have eaten this entire plateful of lunch - and then gone back for seconds

Dessert buffet - I was very proud of my little Christmas jellies and mini-pavlovas. My nectarine and vanilla bean trifle was very well-received, but is unfortunately barely visible in this photo...

My brother gets into the festive spirit...

You all know my thoughts on how essential Pink Bubbles are for celebrations!

Christmas Boo!

Kaiser thumb! Seriously no explanation for this photo, except a combination of alcohol and chocolate wrappers

Merry belated Christmas! I hope you all ate and drank lots of good food and wine, and had a fabulous day!


  1. Yay, glad to hear you didn't miss your ballet recital! :) Looks like you had a lovely Christmas x

  2. Gorgeous photos! Looks like you had a fun Christmas!

    Yayyy for a Kindle! I'm obsessed with mine, I can't leave the house without it.

    Your PJs are adorable!

    Congrats on performing in your recital, I'm so glad you were well enough to do it! :) x

  3. :)
    good pictures
    sticks to me, a new post under the title, no humor''

  4. Merry Christmas Cate, glad to hear you are spot-free and were able to dance in your concert! x

  5. Aww what a super lovely post! Loving all your presents, looks like such a fun day!! Oh and the ham looks spectacular & delish...congrats :D xo

  6. Loving the ham lady!!!! Go you!!!!

    It looks like you had a sensational Christmas.

    Did you make the mini dessert buffet too? Love, love, love it!!


  7. Love the update! So glad you're better, and blogging again. Looks like a lovely time was had by all :D

  8. You got the Maru book! I love him dearly. Someone gave The Pharmacist the 'Fashion Cats' book for his birthday last month, which is almost as good as Maru.

    Glad to hear that you are pox free.

  9. Merry Christmas. Looks like a fantastic day. Food looks brilliant. Glad you didn't miss your ballet concert.

  10. Cute photos. Food looks great, and I would have been disappointed if you hadn't gone back for seconds - it's Christmas! I wish I could have eaten your trifle - sounds yummy.

  11. Glad you got over your chicken pox and had a lovely Christmas! What nice presents you received x Sushi

    P.S. I LOVE Maru!!

  12. It looks like you had a lovely Christmas! I got a kindle for my birthday and love it!


  13. Beware your Lola bottle. That huge flower top makes it topple over really easily - I'm astonished I haven't smashed mine, but I have dented the sprayer so it is now more of a squirter!

    Looks like a superb Christmas though. And Yay for no spots.

  14. Your Christmas looks amazing :) I love the feast. You and your family always have lovely feasts which I enjoy reading about xx