Tuesday, December 13, 2011

in which I am spotty...

The past few weeks have been all kinds of crazy. I won't bore you all with details, but the finishing touch was certainly dramatic - being told by my GP today that I most likely have chicken pox. I cried because a) my secretary and my sister are pregnant at the moment, and I feel horrible I might have exposed them; b) it would mean I might miss my ballet concert; and c) I am super-vain and don't want spots on my face LOL

The upshot is, I am on 24-hour quarantine/lockdown at home, with strict instructions to minimise my contact with the public. I only have a small handful of spots, and if there are no more appearing in the next 24 hours, then I am apparently in the clear - cross your fingers and send me spot-free thoughts, y'all!

In the meantime, I thought I would share a couple of pics of out house, in all its decked-in-Christmas-cheer glory...

The china cabinet, and lotsa lotsa tealight candles. Looks so pretty at night!

Twig-tree, resplendent with silver balls and royal dalton crystal ornament

The tree! Isn't it gorgeous? Freshly cut and smelling just like Christmas. And too tall to fit into a photo

Our Angel tree-topper - handmade by my aunt

Our beautiful Wedgewood "12 days of Christmas" porcelain ornament

New decoration this year, a silver-plated stag - I think he is magnificent

The Pugs got a Christmas makeover!

Chekkit my hydrangeas! $10 a bunch from the produce markets, people! You heard it here first

Currently burning my Glasshouse White Christmas candle, very festive!

Hope you are all enjoying December and getting organised for Christmas! Have any of you completed all your present shopping yet? I always vow to be super-organised each year, and each year find myself madly shopping at the last moment


  1. You poor thing! I can sympathise....a few years ago our middle child got chickenpox...followed by me. My daughter was 4 and didn't scratch once....I was the worst example of self control ever. I whined, bitched and moaned and she was a perfect angel. If it helps at all...I have no scars from it. Hope someone is looking after you.

  2. I had chicken pox at the age of 13 - I got a total of 12 spots. Most mild case, but I still got to stay home from school for a week.

  3. Hope you feel better soon. I had chicken pox when I was 12 and I didn't know that I was scratching myself in my sleep! Try not to scratch...

    Your tree is look great by the way :)

  4. Oh no! Have you got plenty of calamine lotion on hand? Whatever you do, don't scratch your face. I still have a dent at the end of my eyebrow from scratching at a spot when I had chickenpox as a five year old.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  5. Yikes CHICKENPOX, you stay right there missy, dont you leave the house!!!!

    Your tree and decorations are lovely!

  6. Oh no hun, that's not good. Especially this time of year when there is so much going on! I hope you're better and spot free in no time.
    I've forgotten all about hydrangeas! They're so pretty, they remind me of my Nan <3
    Love your Chrissy decs :)

  7. Chicken pox, that's crazy! Rest up and take care.
    I know how you feel, I had whooping cough unknowingly while a friend was pregnant. I was devastated but all was ok.

    LOVE hydrangeas, can't get enough of them.
    A house is being knocked down near me and it has the most beautiful tree (bush?) and I'm stalking to see of I can save it/ steal it.

    Love the stag also where is he from?

  8. Aw Cate I hope you feel better soon! Hope you don't have chicken pox, missing your recital would be horrible! x

  9. Ohhh no, that's terrible! Fingers crossed you recover in time for your recital <333

  10. Fingers and toes crossed you don't have chicken pox! p.s your chrissy decorations are gorgeous!

  11. Oh no!! I hope you don't have them!!
    I had chickenpox when I was 9, and was sooo sick with them. I didn't get itchy spots like my little brother and sister...I got horrible blisters that were not itchy at all (upside) but SOO painful (downside). I still have scars from it =(, even though I was so good and did not scratch. My brother however, who scratched like crazy came out practically unscathed!!

    So I really hope you don't have them, or if you do it's only mild and you can still take part in your ballet recital!

  12. Thankyou all so much or your lovely comments <3
    Today, so far, so good - no more spots, so hopefully its not chicken pox!

  13. Send you sister and secretary to the doctor. There is a vaccine that they can have that cuts down the risk.

    A few years ago we had chickenpox run through our work, both my sister and I had it. So too did her boss who was 8.5 months pregnant. She got a shot as did her baby when he was born and while they both got a very mild case they were ok.

    Also if you can face the needle, donate blood when you are better. Apparently they love chicken pox blood because they use it to make the vaccine.

    But I've got my fingers crossed that you are ok!

  14. Oh my god not chicken pox!!!

    My fingers are crossed for you

    I love the REAL fresh christmas tree, isn't the smell of them the most divine thing ever?!


  15. Hope it's still no more spots and not chicken pox. Not a nice thing to have as an adult.

    Beautiful decorations!

  16. OH NO!!! I hope you get better soon and hope it's not chicken pox. I would cry too! I remember you mentioning you hadn't had chicken pox as a child!

  17. nawww not fair!! I hope you're all clear now, lovely lady!!! Love your decorations - as classy and beautiful as ever :)
    Heidi xo

  18. Crossing my fingers for you. Get better soon! You poor thing. Sending healthy vibes your way.

    Love the hydrangeas! So cheap! I walked past a house today with amazing hydrangeas. So tempted to snatch a few but I was very good and refrained from doing so.

  19. ARE you better yet? you ave to be all better for christmas!! did you go to the ballet concert?
    re: your parents cheese making. i saw unpasturised milk somewhere- next time i see it i will take note of the brand! maybe it was only nonhomogenised milk? is that the same?!!? uhoh. unhelpful, aren't i!
    why can't i spell today? too many questions!!

  20. Get better soon. The decorations look beautiful!

  21. I hope you're better soon and that you don't miss your ballet recital. Absolutely LOVE hydrangeas - this is the best time of the year for flowers :)

  22. Are you ok Cate. I was justing thinking about how you haven't updated the blog for a while and knew that you were sick. Adult chicken pox can be horrible, I hope you are just too busy with the silly season to update and not sick.

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday :)

    Re: unpasteurised milk. it is illegal to sell in australia for consumption purposes. some markets will sell it as "bath milk", "not for human consumption", "wink wink". I'm not sure what the restrictions are on making your own cheeses using raw milk but it is unlawful to produce raw milk cheese for sale here in australia. NZ has recently loosened their restrictions for small producers who meet certain safety regulations so maybe we will follow soon.