Saturday, February 18, 2012

local gem...

For the past few months, V has been having his hair cut at Barberista, a barber-come-coffee shop in Globe Lane, Wollongong. Clearly, I was missing out on something, so I decided to tag along and gatecrash his next barber/haircut appointment...

LOVE how the air-conditioning is a selling point - only in Australia, ammIright?

Amaaaazing artwork by Hugo & Idiot...

Owner Johnny giving V a trim...

The decor is so damn funky, I was totally sold!

One word to describe the place - man cave! (Yes, I know that's two words, but shuddup!) Not that I didn't feel comfortable hanging out there, I definitely did! But the place is clearly set up to cater perfectly to the male half of the species. In fact, at one point, V said quite pointedly, "Cate, why don't you go relax over there on the sofa" (subtext - and leave Johnny and I to talk MAN STUFF!) Okay, okay, point taken!

You heard the whiteboard! Get to it!

Coffee is gooooood! And included in the price of a haircut. Bonus!

V walked out $25 poorer, with a much-better-than-average short back'n'sides. Very impressed! I will definitely be back for a coffee and a chat (if V lets me come with him again heeee)



  1. Wow, what a concept! Love all the mugs and had to laugh at your description 'man cave!' Ha!

  2. I love these funky little barber shops that seem to be springing up. So nice to have somewhere for the boys to go, usually hair salons are very girly!

  3. Reading your blog makes me miss Wollongong! You always seem to capture the best things Wollongong has to offer, and I can't wait to come back from London and see what new and exciting things Wollongong has to offer me, such as the vodka bar! I hope its still there!!!


  4. That is awesome. Why don't they have this relaxed (and inexpensive!) vibe in hairdresser salons for women?!

    I've awarded your blog the Versatile Blogger Award! You can check it out here, and follow through with it on your own blog if you wish. I enjoy reading your varied and interesting posts!

  5. i love the way you take the pics! I've never been to Wollongong (im from melb)!

    The Ugly Moments