Saturday, February 18, 2012

добрый вечер, comrade...

Wollongong has recently welcome a brand, spanking new watering hole - a vodka bar! The aptly-named Red Square has a good range of vodka-based drinks and regular beer/wine, plus some very moreish tapas.

V and I headed on over there tonight for drinks and dinner...

Yes, the menu is in English as well as Russian!

Apple martini made with Grey Goose - the peach martinis were equally pleasant

Pan-fried haloumi and chorizo with tomato and baby spinach...

Bread topped with mixed beans...

"Mini" burgers - as V pointed out, these burgers, whilst tasty, were far from mini! I think they would have been better if they'd been a bit smaller. Not really tapas food. But still tasty!

The space is well-decorated and very funky, and the staff are pleasant and helpful. Definitely recommend for post-work drinkies of a Friday, or an evening tipple/meal


  1. Yum, yum!

    We have a vodka bar here in Melbourne which I love, Borsch Vodka And Tears. They have gorgeous tapas there. I love the look of the beans on toast and that cocktail sounds sublime.


  2. A vodka bar sounds awesome! Aw, reminds me I have to go back for uni soon :( Vodka breaks would be nice, hehe x

  3. My mouth is watering, haloumi and and chorizo have me sold! I love the idea of a vodka bar. The cocktails sound heavenly! x