Saturday, February 4, 2012

canberra weekend...

This weekend, my parents and younger brother headed down to Canberra - they invited me along to save me from a long, lonely weekend while V is away. Plus I reeeeally wanted to go!

Drinkies at the Belgian beer cafe...

We are introduced to the wonder that is truffle honey - drizzled over gorgonzola picante, OMG the nomness!

More drinkies, at the Julep lounge (sadly under new management and re-named the Tulip lounge - disappointed!)

Much coffee was drunk, naturally

We took in the Handwritten exhibition at the National Library - seeing the scribbles and notes of the likes of Goethe, Darwin, Kant, Dickens and Descartes moved me almost to tears (laugh if you will, its true!) Having read and studied and idolised their writing for years, to see these remnants of them, in their own script, was a truly amazing experience.

And, of course, we visited the Renaissance exhibition at the Gallery - absolutely, totally stunning!

Highly recommend paying extra for the premium early entry tickets, it was lovely to be able to wander around in relative silence without any crowds

Hope the weekend has been treating you all well!


  1. It HAS treated me well, because I spent it with YOU!! Absolutely had a ball, we love you to bits and miss you already. Have a fab week and I'll post you that thing I was supposed to give you. Much love xxx

  2. Lovely. I wanted to go to the Rennaissance exhibition but we are running out of time...

    K xx

  3. Ahhh I'd love to go to the Renaissance exhibition! Sadly, I'm in Melbourne and moving back to NZ tomorrow (eeek!) so it's just not going to happen. You're very lucky. Looks like it was a fun weekend!

  4. The Tulip Lounge as it now is, does not live up to the old Julip lounge days. Very sad. Apparently the new bar/restaurant downstairs from it is meant to be great though.

    I loved the Renaissance exhibition, but am yet to get to Handwritten. That is the problem with living in Canberra, you have such good access to all these great exhibitions that you don't make the effort to actually see them!

    Glad you enjoyed your weekend (and that it finally stopped raining for you!).

  5. Fun!! Truffle honey is the bomb. What a gorgeous outfit, love that last pic of you :)
    Heidi xo