Saturday, February 4, 2012

instagram photo-a-day challenge part 2...

Jan 16th - Morning

Jan 17th - Water

Jan 18th - Something you bought

Jan 19th - Sweet

Jan 20th - Someone you love

Jan 21st - Reflection

Jan 22nd - Your shoes

Jan 23rd - Something old

Jan 24th - Guilty pleasure

Jan 25th - Something you made

Jan 26th - Colour

Jan 27th - Lunch

Jan 28th - Light

Jan 29th - Inside your fridge

Jan 30th - Nature

Jan 31st - You, again



  1. hahah I adore your tony bianco collection :)

  2. you take such pretty pics all the time, very dreamy.

  3. Yes me too, very jealous of the collection. I love Tony Biancos :)The Foxie seems to be your fav, u have a couple of boxes there