Tuesday, February 28, 2012

snapshots of monday (no wait, tuesday!)...

Is it really bad that I spent most of today convinced that it was still Monday? Hoooo that can't be good. Here are some peekchores of my day!

Porridge with fresh raspberries for brekky

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! I was absolutely thrilled to win this amazing giveaway from the lovely FatMumSlim - Sparkling High Tea for 2 at the QVB! Eeeeee! Thankyou Chelle!

Lunchies at lee&me with one of my fave barristers - Iranian couscous fritters with fetta and sumac, and a shaved radish and fennel salad. Nom!

Treated myself to a gorgeous bunch of freesias

They smell absolutely divine!

The Glasshouse candle obsession continues! Lovelovelove Galapagos, amazing combo of kaffir lime and cocoa butter, so summery-divine!

I am currently lurving T2's French Earl Grey tea, so zesty!

How has the week been treating you all so far?


  1. Oooh lucky you winning such an awesome prize! I went there a few years ago, stunning venue :) I think I shall buy myself some flowers this week too! I've started uni this week which is both exciting & annoying! xo

  2. Beautiful day! I need some flowers in my life I think...

    K xx

  3. French Earl grey is my favourite tea at the moment - love the pretty dried flowers.

    Freesias are so beautiful and I adore their scent!

  4. Yay on winning the high tea!
    Can't wait to see a post about it!!


  5. I adore freesias, just the most amazing scent. And congrats on the prize, how fun and exciting.