Thursday, March 1, 2012

pilates, stripes and a whole lotta rain...

How's all this rain! I hope nobody has been flooded out (or in?) A nice, hefty umbrella was definitely a must today!

Felt kinda stripey today!

This past fortnight I have been getting my pilates on, yeow! Kind of loving it so far. Just realised this photo looks fairly weird/dodgy LOL

Funny story actually, I arrived home from pilates at around 7pm, it was just starting to get dark, and I turned on the lights and ALL the power blew. Like, goneski, no power, zilch. And here's me at home on my own, V off in Newcastle for work, two hungry cats crying around my ankles and tripping me up, trying to manouevre a torch and open the fuse box, gah!

Turns out I managed to overload the system and trip the circuit breaker, oops! All good, easily fixed - but those few moments when I was contemplating an evening all alone in the dark, with no power, were not fun!

How gorgeous is this bunch of rainbow chard I picked up from the local farmers market? 'Twas very delicious too

One of my other current fave T2 teas - this is a green tea with rosebuds, dried orange, meringue pieces and other yummy goodness. Christmas present from my darling little brother

Jade sez hai!

Jasper - is apparently passed out drunk or something. Noice

Possibly the best chocolate bar EVAH!

The weekend is imminent, yay! Hope the week has been good to you all


  1. it was raining this morning when i was going to work, where i work its really windy so gotta have a sturdy umbrella!

  2. Gosh, I don't even know where my fuse box is ;) eek! Love that oroton umbrella it is so pretty. Every time it rains I always run into the store looking for one and they're all sold out.

    Love pilates it's awesome isn't it? Are you still keeping your yoga up?

  3. I feel like we were cheated this Summer- so much rain! I wish I had time to do pilates classes, I did a few casual classes and loved it :) xo

  4. This rain is madness! It is so wet, so many roads were cut yesterday, and I have sinus from the mould that is growing everywhere. Oh for a sunny day.

    On a side not we have the same umbrella except mine is silver where yours is red!

  5. The pic of Jasper made me giggle.

    Happy weekend to you!

  6. Long time reader, love your blog and used to reside to South Coast as well. A bit scary with all the rain happening across NSW and QLD. Hopefully it calms down and you guys have a little bit of sunshine before the dreaded winter.

  7. Never tried that chocolate bar!! I love your umbrella. I bought the same for my mum a few years ago...wish id bought myself one too! Happy weekend.
    Heidi xo

  8. Where did you get the chocolate bar from?
    I've only seem Fry's Turkish Delight - which i love!

  9. Kerker, sturdy is essential, we've all had that embarassing inside-out-umbrella thing going on, not fun!

    Wikigirl, I am LOVING pilates right now! Its amazing! I am still keeping up the yoga too, 3-4 times per week is what I aim to get in. Here's hoping I can keep it up through winter!

    Hannah, I'm so lucky, the local pilates studio has great 6am and after-work classes, so there's a few I can manage to slot into my day.

    Lisa, I adore oroton umbrellas, they're the only ones I find strong enough to withstand any amount of rain/wind! I may or may not have several different colours...

    Jenny - happy weekend to you to hun!

    Nay, thanks for reading, and for your lovely comment! I do love the South Coast, Its such a great spot to live

    Heidi, you simply MUST try a Fry's Chocolate Cream, they are beyond amazing!

    iowntoomuch, I get it from the sweet shop in Berry. I think you can find it at most of those specialty, old-timey type lolly shops