Thursday, February 16, 2012

this week I...

nommed a salmon bento box for lunch...

with japanese lemonade!

prettified my desk at work...

welcomed the return of my precious laptop with great fanfare!

drank sangria...

celebrated valentines day!

ate an oyster for the very first time (and nearly gagged on it)...

got a rose...

continued my obsession with purple carrots...



  1. Great post! This may sound odd but I was thinking of your blog today remembering your needle-phobic nature, just like mine! I need to get a blood test and I am beyond petrified about it, any tips? x

  2. Just lovely! haha Oysters are pretty weird...I like them if they're topped with lots of flavour! Bento box, yum yum! I have a recent obsession with seaweed salads :) x

  3. Happy Valentine's day!! Funnily enough I ate my first oyster on Tuesday and loved it :)

  4. Loooooove purple carrots!

    Do you think you will try oysters again?


  5. Hannah, those seaweed salads are the bomb! Actually my fave part is the pickled radishy things, mmmm

    Wikigirl, that's hilarious! It must have been oyster valentines day. Glad you enjoyed yours

    Mez, I think I'd give it another shot, maybe in private so I wouldn't be so stressed about puking in public LOL