Tuesday, March 6, 2012

do drop in...

On Sunday night, V and I paid a visit to Drop Bar, a local popup bar...

Its a pretty fun idea - hidden away in a quirky little art gallery, the location is perfect!

They had a Sunday night special, cheese platter and 2 drinks for $20, bargain!

Yummy strawberry and lime cider for moi...

Can't honestly say I've ever drunk cider from a wingeglass before, but whatevs, I made it work!

In other news, I took an annual leave day to stay at home, as the downstairs ceilings needed to be painted, and as you may recall, it couldn't be done at the weekend due to bad weather. Luckily I was able to take today off work...

Aaaand this is what my living room looked like, from 7:30am to 3pm!

Noooooo I so didn't! Okies, I so did - sausage McMuffin FTW!

Whenever we have tradies in the house, I have to keep a close eye on the kittehs, to make sure they don't get outside - Jade is always pretty easy-going, and just curls up to sleep pretty much wherever, regardless of who is in the house...

Poor wee Jasper, on the other hand, goes into full-on freak-out mode whenever a stranger even approaches our front door, runs around a bit like a crazy thang, and inevitably hides by wedging himself into the teeniest space he can find. Today was no different - here he is in the wardrobe...

Aaaargh I totally exceeded my daily caffeine quota today, so bad! 4 coffees = me wired and bouncing-off-the-walls. At least I put all that energy to good use in ballet class tonight!



  1. I fully believe that one Maccas run is required when either moving house, doing something DIY house-related stuff or getting up early to let tradies in to do professional house-related stuff. ;)

    Kitties have many talents most of which lie in the hiding or sleeping arena. They are especially talented at combining the two.

  2. $20 for cheese and wine.. YES PLEASE!! YUM.

    when i get maccas brekkie i order an egg&bacon mcmuffin... with no egg or bacon just tomato.. essentially just a tomato and cheese mcmuffin. haha it was my hangover cure if i was working in the morning! its so funny having never had cats and now aquiring two, they're so different to dogs!! you can't tell them what to do or anything!!

    i'm going to try cider from a nice big balloon wine glass with lots of ice i think ;)

    ps your CAPTCHA is stealing my soul :(

  3. awww poor Jasper, he's a bit shy :) There's an award waiting for you on my blog. Click here for info :) x

    Ps. your captcha might steal my soul too :D

  4. Not sure if my comment went through or not, but in case it didn't here it is again - there's an award waiting for you on my blog :) xx