Saturday, March 3, 2012


Soooooo this rain, hey? I can't complain at all really, when I think of those poor souls in Golburn and Young etc who are flooded out. But I must admit, it was a tad annoying to be up at sparrowfart, with the downstairs living area/kitchen all cleared out ready for the painters to come in and do their business, only to be told they couldn't, as it was too wet. Doesn't really bother me, its purely cosmetic bizzo - but I just wish I hadn't asked them to be there before 7am on a Saturday!

Ahh well, the upshot was yoga, and a nice leisurely morning spent with V (back for the weekend from Newcastle, yeeeew!)

Delish iced coffee from owls cafe - espresso over ice blended with soy milk, honey and cinnamon, nom!

Mebbe having a slight oroton moment here...

Finally repaired my beloved Witchery fox brooch...

I went to a friend's baby shower this afternoon, 'twas fun! We all had to bring along a baby photo for a guessing game. K and I attend the same yoga school, so I thought she would find this picture of me baby-downward-dogging quite hilariously appropriate...

It really is red-wine-weather at the moment, isn't it? Red-wine-and-curry-weather to be specific in this household (lamb saag, nom!)

Jasper "hiding" on the stairs - "If I scrunch down reeeeeally tiny and hide my face, they'll never see me!" Bless!

Hope the weekend has been good to you all thus far!


  1. Hehe Jasper looks so cute! It's so silly and adorable when cats think they are hiding.

  2. I just want to snuggle Jasper!!
    That coffee sounds DELICIOUS

  3. Your iced coffee sounds so good... and I don't even like coffee!

    Your kitties are always the cutest. I want them :(

  4. How annoying! I guess at least you made use of the morning.

    When you put your downstairs back together, I would love to see some house shots. I love the little glimpses we get, and am about to move into my own place, so am very house centred at the moment! :)

    Do so love your blog and style!

  5. haha such a sweet pic :) & yes, it's totally red wine time, have so been into it.
    Heidi xo

  6. If I look out and crane my neck I can see a patch of blue sky and yesterday there was actually sun! I am very over this rain. I agree about it being red wine weather - crazy! And that photo of Jasper is soooo cute.