Sunday, March 11, 2012

oh baby...

Today was my lovely sister's baby shower! I had so much fun organising, buying lots of pretty little things, decorating the house - such a perfect day! Even the weather cooperated and provided us with a gorgeous sunny day

Flowers arranged by me! I actually had a lot of fun doing this, although its harder than I would have thought (thorns on the roses do NOT help!)

Drinks table! Totes in love with those striped pink-and-white paper straws, from the donna hay general store...

We had a high tea theme - lots of gorgeous antique china and yummy little cakes and sandwiches

Pom-poms and bunting! (again, courtesy of the donna hay general store)

Sooooo many yummy goodies!

Amazeballs strawberry and chocolate mousse meringue cake - sophie the giraffe features in this photo, actually several sophies were present at the party (note to self: sophie is clearly the chewing toy du jour!)

Tips and well wishes for the expectant mum!

Macarons and sandwiches and tea cakes, oh my!

Mmmmmm mille-feuille...

The tea buffet - we had a huge selection of T2 teas for the guests to enjoy

Everything tastes better drunk through a stripey pink-and-white straw!

No party would be complete with lolly bags

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Donna Hay has a general store? WHERE? How did I not know about this???

  2. What a sweet sister! That looks like the most sophisticated baby shower I have ever seen. All those beautiful cakes!

  3. The donna hay general store?? Why am I unaware that this exists! The shower Looks beautiful!

  4. What a beautiful baby shower! Your sis is very lucky to have you! x

  5. I adore Sophie the giraffe.

    How awesome are striped straws!!! I have orange, grey, pink, red and blue ones in the cupboard and use the liberally with my breakfast juices, water and everything in between.


  6. The donna hay store is sooooo great!!! You must check it out!
    Mez, I am thinking I need to buy my sister a Sophie, or her bubba will feel less cool than all the other Sophie-toting bubbas!
    Thanks lovelies <3

  7. So cute !!!! I love all the China cups :)

  8. This is perfection!!! Great work. Major inspiration. I totally want to do all of this for my baby shower. Must get pregnant first though, I guess...
    Heidi xo

  9. This is gorgeous and exactly what I had organised for my baby shower, right down to the pom poms.. My bub came 3 weeks early though and I had to cancel it :(