Thursday, March 15, 2012

peekchores of my week...

Is it just me, or has this week just been flashing by at lightning speed? Maybe its just because I've been kind of insanely busy - its slightly unsettling to get to Thursday still thinking its Tuesday!

Some leftover flowers from last weekend's baby shower followed me home - they're so purdy!

Vanilla cream frappuccino with extra cream, nom! One of the indulgent upsides to travelling to Sydney for conferences...

Absolutely adore Peppermint magazine...

Have you all discovered tuberoses yet? I would seriously not have bought this weirdo looking flower had I not gotten a whiff of how frigging AMAZING it smells! I mean really, heavenly fragrance peeps! Kinda ugly but totally sweet - heeeeey, just like me!

Pre-ballet snack...

Haaahaha had to take this shot because I was having SUCH a Flashdance moment before ballet class...

Mmmmm chai with nutmeg, best combo ever!

Work outfit - I used to worry that dark nailpolish would not be tres appreciated at work, until I realised my boss wears the exact same colours! Awesomeness. This is William Tell me About OPI (btw YES I have just realised that I apparently have an awkward-lean-esque pose going on in my photos this week, don't ask, seriously)

Felt like something supremely soothing for dinner, so I cooked a lentil and vege stew-type dish with lots of red wine and tomatoes

Are you all taking advantage of the 50% off sale over at Oroton? I may or may not have snapped up a lovely new work bag and silk scarf...

Happy Thursday!


  1. I am trying with all my willpower to resist the Oroton sale...Love that work outfit, looks fab!

  2. Gorgeous instagram photos lady, love the flashdance look!


  3. Love the flashdance moment :) I've never heard of peppermint magazine, must search for it!
    Heidi xo

  4. Peppermint magazine is awesome, I usually buy Frankie and then either Peppermint or Yen :) It's hard not to accumulate lots of magazines! x