Thursday, May 3, 2012

early starts, candles, and a giveaway!

Soooo I was in Sydney today and it was an early-early morning!  

Gah 5:30am start, what a pleasure to see you. Dragging self out of bed this morning was reeaally difficult - Jasper clearly was not helping

Effort involved in getting self dressed - almost too much to bother with. Sadly, seeing client requires clothing, so dressed I was!

And helloooo caffeine! The first of many (don't judge me!)

Dark when I left home, and dark when I arrived back again *sigh* Needless to say, I was in dire need of a little comfort tonight

Baked apple for dessert tonight, stuffed with chopped hazelnuts, maple syrup and vanilla bean, very comforting

A candle was absolutely required - no better way to brighten up the day, totally essential after the long haul-ass to Sydney and back, with many clients squeezed in between

So my candle-addiction is well-known to all and sundry - and the lovely Hayley of Cheveux Hair recently asked me whether I would be interested in trying out some gorgeous new products she was stocking at the recently-revamped salon (more on that to come later!) Ummm, hells yes!
Hayley very kindly gave me a Côte Noir ecoluxe candle and fragrance diffuser to try out. The products are made in France, and they look just amazing

Eeeee how pretty! The packaging is just gorgeous, its so, well, so French!

The ecoluxe candle is made of a yummy combination of beeswax, coconut and soy wax, and is totally biodegradable, non-toxic and paraben-free

This gorgeous little guy is the Confit de Grenade, or Candied Pomegranate scent - an infusion of pomegranate, quince and caramelized sugar
I've had it burning for a couple of hours tonight and it smells amazing! A really light, delicious scent, definitely pomegranate-y and sugar-y!

How gorgeous is the fragrance diffuser? Unlike some diffusers I have seen, it actually looks as beautiful as it smells! The glass holder will be perfect for flowers too
The Côte Noir range is stocked at Cheveux so any local peeps, check out the range they have in the salon!

And now for the extra-good news - the lovely Hayley has another candle to give away to one lucky blog reader!

How to enter:
1. Follow my blog
2. Leave me a comment and tell me why you need a gorgeous Côte Noir ecoluxe candle to brighten up your day! Don't forget to leave your email address so I can contact the lucky winner
The winner will be randomly selected. Please note, this give away is open to Australian readers only!

So off you go peeps, get the entries rolling in! The giveaway will close next Saturday, 12th May. Good luck!

Little P is a happy little vegemite - the cuteness, I die, seriously!


  1. Oh how lovely! I'd love to win the give away to brighten my day!
    I'm missing my friends in Sydney and it's cold a miserable in Melbourne at the moment. This and lack of sleep with a sick bubba.... I need to have my day brightened!

  2. I think I'm a follower, definitely read your blog through Google Reader but I don't know how to check I follow when there's no GFC box on your page and no 'Follow' in the top bar. At least for me anyway...can you help?

    I'd love to win a candle, mostly cause I love burning them :-) the smell and the light, what's not to love?

  3. WOOT, you got a giveaway! Squeeee, I'm so happy for you.

    I'm going to enter it to get the ball rolling, even though no. #1 comment never wins, haha. I NEED a candle because I share your crazy passion but simply can't afford the glorious upper-range candles. I just burnt my Sage and Pomegranate soy candle down to the bottom yesterday (got it from Kingston Bus Markets) and I'm fast running out of other candles. Time for some newbies!

    Luff you xx

  4. Oh wow, that Côte Noir range looks amazing!! Looks amazing and I bet it smells amazing too.

    I am a complete and utter candle lover!! Totally addictive! I'm not local to Cheveux which is why I need this little luxury in my life! (long time follower, of course)

  5. It was -2 here this morning, need I say more? A lovely candle like that would help me make the house even cosier on these cold winter nights.

  6. Candles are ultimately soothing and comforting, which it definitely what I need right now! I've decided a need a career change from being a solicitor. Complete change! Needless to say, there's been many soothing wines but a candle would be a less hangover-inducing comfort pleasure!
    Email is

  7. Since it's cooling down, I think I need a candle as a nice-smelling substitute to a toasty-warm fire, hehe.

  8. Yippeeeeee what an amazing giveaway!! I definitely need one of those gorgeous candles, I'm in crazy busy work land too with the federal budget being announced next week.. It's madness! How I long for a bubble bath with a glass of red and a candle burning xxx

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  10. Hi! I love your top in the second picture. Where's it from?

  11. They look like such a gorgeous range - I love burning candles, it's such a simple luxury! I'd love to win won, I haven't had a candle in years!

    I love your outfit in the second picture, btw. Gorgeous top!


  12. The only way I could find to follow was RSS, so I hope that suits! I have no idea how to prove I'm following via that so I hope you believe me :P Is there another way I was meant to follow? I can't find a GFC/Bloglovin/Facebook widget and there's no follow link in the top Blogger bar anymore.

    I adore candles, particularly nicely scented ones, and ESPECIALLY foodie-scented ones so this would be heavenly!

    kate1485 at

  13. I love your outfit! And I just want to steal your gorgeous kitty cat!

    I need this candle in my life as I have my uni law exams coming up and so it would be nice to have something so comforting and relaxing to combat my stress.



    i need this candle because you rec'd it and i trust your judgment!! hehe!!


  15. Long time reader, first time commenter! I didn't win the 70million, so the candle would make my week! X

  16. I'd just submitted a blog post on the difficulties of procuring 'natural' candles here in the UK when I read about ecoluxe! What great timing, I'm off to check them out :)

    Would love to win the giveaway but I recently moved from Australia to London (darn!).

    from one candle addict to another...I totally understand your obsession lol.

  17. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to follow your blog! I thought there was normally a follow thingo - but maybe i am blind and just can't see it!

    Jasper is super cute! Would you mind posting the recipe for the apple, as it sounds super delicious and comforting for cold weather!

    I would love that candle because I love all things sugary sweet! I love food scented candles, although they do tend to make me hungry..

  18. omg. you're so lucky. i am addicted to candles
    it is really sad, actually.
    i left a whole bunch of glasshouse ones in sydney
    they are half finished and i was really looking forward to using the jars.
    that candle look delicious.
    i meant to comment earlier but i couldn't (and can't) think of a reason why i need it that isn't pathetic. haha

  19. I can't work out how to follow your blog either! I'm definitely tech illiterate. I promise that I'm a long time reader though!

    I need this candle because, like you, I am obsessed! Beautiful candles are my ultimate guilty pleasure. I love their scents, their soft glow, and the comfort factor they give off is hard to beat.

    Belle xo

  20. Oops! Email is See, tech illiterate!

  21. Simply gorgeous! I adore all things french & a candle would be lovely!

  22. Oh la la, oh how I love candles :) I'd love a candle, as I always take pleasure in burning a lovely scented candle when I'm studying. It makes studying that little bit more fun & endless cups of tea help too. I have exams coming up = lots of late nights- and a candle is always comforting :) xx

  23. Simply gorgeous, i adore all things french. Especially candles! Lovely giveaway, thankyou!

  24. I love candles! Being a new mother my bath time is my me time! Love having candles burning alongside me :)

  25. Love to come home from a long day in emergency dept, lighting a candle & relaxing... Plus with a pug semi living in our apartment we can always use all the help we can get making it smell nice!

  26. Because I love candles during this time of the year :) nothing beats the cool weather than the scent of ecoya and/or glasshouse candles combined :) and throw in some wonderful flowers as well!

  27. I need a gorgeous candle as I am very stressed with job applications and uni at the moment. I love the french packaging!