Friday, May 11, 2012

red-head girl...

I spent a lovely few hours last weekend having my hair re-reddened at Cheveux Hair in Wollongong. Hayley had a new copper shade that we wanted to try out
The salon has also had a makeover in recent weeks, looking very pretty and French!

When I first walked in I got all excited and jumped all over Hayley asking where on EARTH she found peonies at this time of year! (erm they are silk people, veeery convincing!)

I am officially in love with this wallpaper and want to paper my entire (rental) townhouse in it - somehow don't think that will go down so well with the landlords...

Eeeee pretties! Lots and lots of candles!

Ba-ba-boots! Totes obsessed with my new Isabel Marant "Dickers" *cough-lookalike-cough* boots from Tony Bianco

Complimentary macarons, I mean really, what more can I say?

 Quite thrilled with the end result! Nice and coppery for autumn!

World's loveliest flowers! Recently discovered how pretty kale flowers are, they're lasting a nice long time too

Just a reminder - I will be drawing the candle giveaway this Sunday! Get those entries happening people!

Have you all tried this new Lindt passionfruit chocolate yet? 'Tis pretty amazing!

What do you all have planned for the weekend? I am very excited, I have a fantastic Saturday involving high tea with some lovely ladies, and then dinner and a nigh away with V, yeow!

Happy Friday to you all!


  1. Just entered the giveaway! yay! Your hair is such a gorgeous colour, super shiny too :) I had my haircut last week- it's so fun! Didn't get any macaroons though, what a bonus!

  2. You hair is gorgeous!
    New Lindt Passionfruit dark chocolate is so yum! Them and Whittaker's do the best dark chocolate in my opinion.

  3. Do you know where you friend sourced the silk peonies? I had white peonies for my wedding last June (was very lucky to find imported ones that were absolutely perfect) and I'd love some silk ones for my house! I've been looking for months and months to no avail.

  4. Love that colour - your hair looks fab! The boots are pretty awesome too. I've been looking for tan coloured ankle boots - will have to make my way over to the Tony Bianco website now :)

  5. That is a great shade of red and I love the little curls.

  6. Hope you are having a lovely time today, so gutted that I missed it!

  7. Your hair looks gorgeous and the salon looks lovely!


  8. hair looks mazing chicki!
    i dont like that lindt, its too sweet for me, the passionfruit tastes too artificial imo! :(
    i love the sea salt on OMG... i think we've discussed this before!!
    yum i want macaroons now! damn you! zxx

  9. I have a friend who does fake flower wedding bouquets. When she told me that she was setting up a business to do it I privately thought "how tacky". Then I saw the flowers. All I can say is that fakes have come a long way, they look AMAZING. I can totally understand how you got tricked.

    Love the hair colour!

  10. Complimentary macarons?? Yeah, enough said. Love your boots and your hair colour - stunning as always. I have tried that passionfruit one & I don't love it - everyone else does though! I'm still mad for sea salt lindt (uhhhh love) although some of me bffs think I'm crazy for liking that one.
    Heidi xo