Tuesday, June 5, 2012

uggs and airplane jammies...

I am sitting here watching The Tudors, wearing my British Airways first class jammies, stripey socks and uggs. These jammies are all kinds of awesome - they are navy blue and make me resemble a prison inmate, but they are super-cosy and made of 100% organic cotton. Win!

V headed off again for work this morning *sadface* He has just texted me to advise that it is snowing, and he's just scored a $20 electric blanket from Woolies! I'm kind of in denial that its only Tuesday, the week has felt so long already

V took me for breakfast at Lower East cafe yesterday - seriously, whoever heralded that banana cake ought be renamed "bread" and deemed a breakfast food, is a living legend. I would like to shake their hand. Breakfast of champions, I tell you

My gorgeous Mum celebrated her 60th birthday yesterday, yew! She received many, many lovely flower arrangements. I thought Faux Fuchsia would particularly appreciate this pink beehive ginger

It has been absolutely fecking freezing today, with some rain and wild winds thrown in for good measure. Made me dig out my knitting again this evening

Apple and raspberry crumble! Nom

I leave you with this amoosing video of Jade enjoying some aniseed tea - well, I found it funny. Please not to tell me if you don't laugh!



  1. It's been surprisingly cold in Brissie today too! I almost didn't know what to do with myself, I'm not equipped for the cold at all :) Thanks for your lovely comment, we're so excited to launch x

  2. Hahaha such a cute vid of Jade!! Love your laugh as well at the end!
    I've also broken out my knitting in the cold weather. I can only do one type of stitch though, :(

  3. Luckily being half German, half Austrian cake is considered perfectly appropriate breakfast food in my family. We even have a couple of sorts that are pretty much only eaten then. Cake for breakfast is the best!
    At least the sun is shining today but boy this winter is hitting hard early on!

  4. Love the knitting - I really need to jump on that bandwagon! As for cake for breakfast - it is a genius idea but has wreaked havoc on my waistline. I'll sort that out next week though...or something.

    It is so cold in Sydney, I am miserable! Even when the sun is misleadingly shining the wind is freezing and there is no warmth to the rays at all. Spring can't come soon enough and we are only a week into Winter!

  5. Oh my goodness Jade, you did make me LOLz! "Tea, I luff you, and I luff you again, and I luff you evermore, purrrrrr, PURRR!".

  6. Loved that video of Jade! My cat doesn't care much for catnip either. Maybe I should get him some aniseed tea!

  7. nawww makes me want a kitty cat!! & some airplane jammies, fo sure!
    Heidi xo