Monday, July 30, 2012

kinda missed the weekend there...

Took lots of piccies of my weekend, and got lazy so failed to post the darn things until Monday! Well done there Cate. I shall simply have to inflict them on you all now!

Sunday morning kicked off with my usual vinyasa yoga class at Younga studio - and decided to drop past the beach and grab breakfast on my way home

North Kiosk do THE most amazing bacon-and-egg wrap!

Major bonus to living in our gorgeous new apartment complex with cafe out the front - free newspapers in the cafe, woot!

I had a freebie to use at my fave local florist so I ducked in and grabbed some roses...

And a wee bunch of freesias - soooo sweet and lurvely!

Thanks to the gorgeous Pash, I fell in love with this grey marle cable knit sweater from Portmans - at $20 off I snapped it up super-quick! Damn your amazing tumblr M!!!

Sunday was a giant-ass hair day - mucho teasing involved...

Weekend dinner, nom nom nom...

Little niece P is suspected to be teething at the moment, so I rushed out to grab a Sophie for her - was a major success. Sophie was thoroughly nunged, drooled and chomped on yesterday. Win!

Best. Ever. Snack!

Current brekky obsession - rye toast with marmite and avocado. Makes even a Monday morning appear brighter. The mega-mug of coffee helps of course...

Today's take on corporate-wear (in line with my resolution to try and dress more professionally at work)

Trying to up my vege intake - I prefer them raw as a snack to any other way

This week's office flowers are particularly pretty! Loving the leaf in the side of the vase

I had to go get my neck x-rayed today, my GP just wants to make sure all is fine and dandy with my discs thanks to some lovely shoulder/thoracic/cervical spine pain I've been having, which has involved some referred tingling and pain in my hands (so interesting, I have so many clients with neck injuries and radiculopathy, and now I've experienced it firsthand! I guess that's one way to get a true insight into your clients' situation!) 

Apparently, being tall and skinny is Not A Good Thing when it comes to neck/spine complaints (although I do have to query, in whose books am I considered tall?! I suppose I am taller than my GP). And apparently having hypermobile shoulders is also Not A Good Thing - and that nice stretch I've been doing where I wrap my arms around my body, and then alternate with touching my elbows together behind my back (try that one at home if you dare kiddies, its quite fun!), its Very Bad for the back. Who knew? Noted, thanks Dr M!

Ended up having my whole bloody spine x-rayed, I swear it took 20 minutes! I'd say I've well reached my maximum radiation dose for 2012! Extra fun because I have a real problem standing still/straight and I tend to irritate the heck out of x-ray technicians and similar hehe

Happy Monday to y'all! Any exciting plans for the week?


  1. Your hair looks so beautiful and coppery!

    1. Thanks hun! I take that as high praise coming from you, your hair is always amaaazing x

  2. Love what you have done with your freesias, they are my fave flowers for scent. Is the vase arrangement DIY? Roses are very pretty too. And now you have made me want that jumper too. I have a similar one in bright orange from Zara that I got in the US a year ago, but I've really been wanting a yellow one. Does it come in any other colours?

    1. Freesias just smell like SPRING don't they? The vase set-up came like that, was a gift from a good friend, I love it! The Portmans jumper also comes in a gorgeous bright cobalt blue which I really liked too x

  3. First of all that Tumblr is my favourite, that and So Beacoup

    Second, you poor thing with the tingles. Lots, lots of the patients that i have who have cervical surgery have tingling in their arms as one of their main complaints. Gah. I'm gusssing mine is entirely related to hormones and fluid as that's what my OB said... and HOPING read PRAYING it's not spinal.

    Sophie Le Giraffe was the first toy I bought for our little boy.


    1. Naww thanks hun. I'm a noob with pregnancy-related stuff hehe, I hope yours will be temporary and gone soon. P loves her Sophie, she's definitely a good purchase for bubs! x

  4. I attempted to eat my body weight in raspberries in Europe, they were so cheap. The prices here make me weep.

    Hope your neck is ok. I've had whiplash twice, so I highly recommend finding a good osteo/chiro/physio who you trust who can give you exercises to build up the right kinds of muscle. Hugs to you.

    1. I knooow raspberries are too exxy! It kills me. I do love to treat myself to a punnet now and then. I've been seeing a good physio for my neck and its helping - will have to ask for some exercises to help, thanks hun x

  5. where did you buy the Sophie from? I wanna get one for a friend's baby shower. It looks so cute!

    1. I managed to track down Sophie in my local Baby Warehouse store, they had a whole shelf full x