Wednesday, July 18, 2012

random babble...

Have managed to feck up my neck a bit this week (hey, that rhymes, kind of) - no matter how OH&S-sound your workspace is, the fact remains that we were not designed to spend our time sitting at a desk, looking at a computer screen for the bulk of the day. Good reminder to get UP out of my chair and move around more often! Physio and yoga are helping, thank goodness - sleepless nights courtesy of extreme discomfort are not much fun

Had my hair recoloured recently - nowhere near as carroty as it appears in this pic (ta for that instagram!) but we did lighten it up a fair bit, and introduced lots of copper and strawberry blonde shades. Yay! I know that's totes interesting to you all LOL

Last night was my first ballet class back in MONTHS. I tell you people, I was kind of quietly crapping myself. Luckily Ms N took it easy on us. We started learning our corre for this year's show, Wizard of Oz, and I'm going to be a poppy! This will involve a black-and-red tutu and some sort of large, feathery headdress. Very, very exciting

Thighs, calves and feet are hating me this morning - soooo much fun though

I need to nominate V for the bestest-hubby-of-the-year award, because this amazing bunch of gorgeousness landed on my desk this morning, totally unexpected - totally beautiful! Made my day. There is something so luxurious about receiving flowers delivered to you at work.

How has the week been treating you so far? Happy we are past Wednesday and on the downhill slide towards the weekend?


  1. I personally find hair colour very interesting ;) I love the sound/look of yours (even with the filter!). I'm sure it's gorgeous.

    And the flowers are spectacular! Between V's care parcel and your flowers, I think it's incredibly sweet. I hope time flies so that you can be together again soon.

  2. Those flowers are beautiful! Your hair looks nice, and your necklace too.

  3. Ooh live the sounds of your new hair, pretty!

    your ballet custome sounds beautiful! I hope you post some pics! xx

  4. The hair colour looks gorgeous to me! As for those flowers, he better in be in the good books, they're gorgeous! I have been off sick thanks to hospitalisation for asthma last just looking forward to resting more and getting better! x

  5. I demand new hair colour pictures! It sounds beautiful.