Sunday, July 15, 2012

back online...

After an hour of modem-wrangling, including 25minutes on the phone to Bigpond technical support (and possibly some tears), I can proudly announce that the interwebs have been restored chez KittyCate! Woot!

Woke up this morning to squash-face Jade curled up on my right arm, under the blankets (cue massive dead-arm!) Managed to refrain from yelling

Jasper was somewhat less smooshed up...

I skipped yoga this morning and treated myself to a sleep-in, bliss! Spent the morning in my jammies, drinking amazing coffee and reading the papers

Had a delish chai with my lovely sister at lee&me cafe...

Lindt chocolate pudding!

I ducked into Sussan today to grab myself a new hot water bottle (on sale, yew!) All the HWB love on the Vogue forums had me yearning for a new one myself, preferably in a fuzzy, knit cover

I also found this funny little guy on sale - how adorable is he?

V's care package! So many wonderful suggestions, thanks again ladies!

Hope the weekend has been good to you all


  1. Aww the care package looks amazing! I somehow think he's going to want to marry you all over again when he opens up that little chest of treasures :)

  2. I'm sure V will love it!

    Ooooh your kittehs are so cute - I want to squish them!

  3. What a sweet care package! Lovely idea.
    I'll be popping off to Sussan this week, I love hwb's too.
    And the kittehs look ultra cute in bed :)

  4. I had to laugh at the part about telstra and the internet - We moved house this weekend and Dim spent the whole weekend trying to work out why the internet hadnt been connected, he was mucking around with the wireless, the modems, there was cords everywhere hahah! 5 hours later he called TPG and found out the error was at their end :|

  5. Your cats are so cute! My lolcat gets under the blanket with me sometimes and she is so cute I can't kick her out.
    My workplace gets really cold, so I have a mini hot water bottle that I keep there and sit on my lap all day - they really are the best inventions.