Wednesday, August 29, 2012

more weekday ramblings...

Making the effort here, blogging more often, yew! My gorgeous sister informed me last night that she likes reading my blog when she's breastfeeding the World's Cutest Baby, so I figured as she has provided me with such a cool little munchkin of a niece, I need to put in some effort and help with the entertainments!

Depressingly dark when I arrived at my Pilates class at 6am. Loving my new Nikes sick - fluoro shoes make exercise fun!

The raspberry obsession continues...

Work outfit for the day. Amazingly bad posture here, not sure what the feck is going on with my shoulder - dis be mah zombie pose! Braaaaaains!


Isn't it just amaaazing to come home from work and look out the window and see daylight still? Spring is in its way peeps! (No, that is not a flying saucer reflected in the pic)

Am I the only OCD saddo who pre-prepares their dinners the night before they cook them? Possibly? Okay then


Jade does her best sad-face in the hope she will get some chicken - swear it gets me every time

Jasper sez hai - touch me and I will belt you! Kthxbai!



  1. Ha! I cook six lunches and six dinners on sunday afternoon and freeze them to last the week:) I love being prepared!

  2. I love Jasper. Look at his face!

  3. I'm reading your blog while breastfeeding right now hehe. Thanks for the entertainment!

  4. I love regular posts!

  5. Oh, I wish I was as organised as you with the pre prepared dinners!

    I just want to reach through the screen and have a little pat everytime you post a picture of your cats, they are adorable! x

  6. I had a dog who could do a thin face. She would look so sad and hungry, till you looked past her face to her bulging tummy!

  7. Me too on the breastfeeding front!!


  8. How much are raspberries for you? I buy them at woollies each time but they're $8 for the small box!

  9. Hello
    Good to see you blogging again - I miss your blog when you don't update!
    I have similar sneakers but mine are coral with purple detail.
    Hope you're well