Monday, August 27, 2012

sunny sunday...

It was such a GORGEOUS day yesterday! Absolutely beautiful weather to be down at the beach

Coffees and freshly squeezed juice, the papers and the sunshine - perfection!

Later, we met some lovely peeps for vegan noodle soup at the Buddhist temple...

Can you tell my official photographer is back in town? Thanks long-suffering V! Loving my new Country Road silk tunic dress



  1. The beach looks beautiful. It has been perfect weather here in Brisbane too. My 3 week old baby hasn't even seen rain yet!

  2. The food at the buddhist temple in Wollongong is pretty good! I have fond memories from my Religious studies day trip there.

    It must be so hard to be apart for 7 weeks - I struggled with being apart from my husband for 4 weeks, let alone that long! x

  3. BEACH! Sunshine. Gorgeous!

    It's so sunny in Melbourne today too, and I'm LOVING IT. Spring can't come soon enough!

  4. Cate how are you wearing that oufit without freezing your A$$ off? I was rugged up today with a blazer and a coat with scarf and was still ridiculously cold.

  5. I looked at this CR dress on the rack and thought eew... it bloody looks amazing on you!! Goes to show I shouldn't just try on half the store when I go to spend my 'spend and save' - I should try on all of it! You just never know how amazing something might look...

  6. I love that dress on you, love the exposed shoulders x