Friday, August 10, 2012

whirlwind of a week...

I won!!!! I won the Younga Yoga brekky recipe challenge! Thank you all SO much for voting for me, I was absolutely chuffed by the support I received (thanks to you all I kinda won by a landslide!)

This has been a fairly hectic week, thanks to a combination of work and personal stuff - at least there's never a dull moment when you're flat out busy, right?

I poached some quinces on Sunday...

Mmmm, with vanilla gelato!

Did you all watch Some Like It Hot at the weekend? Such an awesome movie. Tony Curtis rocks my socks

Some mornings you just need comfort food!

Aaaachingly sore post-ballet legs and feet. We're running the show choreography at the moment and our teacher totally drilled us this week!

Have been a little obsessed with my Cue cigarette pants this week at work...

Aaaand my old-new Zara blazer, courtesy of the lovely M!

Went to the produce markets this morning with my parents before work...

Huge-ass gigantic jelly baby!

Nice little haul o' goodies...

Apple juice, from the local orchard...

Grape juice, not so local haha

Mmmm nom nom nom raspberries = best!

In the best, most exciting news ever, V is arriving home tomorrow! *super happy dance* Its been nearly 7 weeks and I am absolutely jumping-outta-my-skin excited to see him!

Happy weekend to you all!


  1. How exciting that you get to see V again tomorrow! My bf went away last year for six weeks and it was awful so I know how you feel!

    Love the cigarette pants and all the delicious food! xx

  2. Yay for V coming back tomorrow! 7 weeks is such a long time, I can only imagine how much you miss him.
    Your leg warmers are really cute! I was trying to find some for dancing - they're so hard to come by. I found some at Cotton on Body for quite a reasonable price but they're plain ol' black :(

  3. loving your corporate outfits lately, I should really make more effort for work...

    yay for V coming home! you must be so excited! x

  4. Yay for V returning! I just adore your blog, you always have such yummy fresh food on the go. My kind of gal! Good luck with your choreography and I hope your neck is feeling better soon x

  5. Totally understand your obsession with Cue cigarette pants - they look stunning!
    and I agree - raspberries are The Best ;)

    Have a lovely weekend!

  6. Congrats on the porridge! Where did you find quince? I haven't seen any in weeks and weeks and was just mourning that I didn't cook more when I had the chance.

  7. Those pants look amazing on you! I now have a craving for raspberries.


  8. Echoing all the comments above, I bet you must be chuffed your man is coming back! :)

    That toast with melty butter made me drool so much! Sometimes it's the simple things.

    And I REALLY want a gigantic giant jelly baby now!

  9. yay for winning! That porridge looked so yum, great work. Definitely craving a weekend at home watching old movies now :) Love Some Like It Hot.
    Heidi xo