Sunday, September 9, 2012

four years...

Last Thursday was our four year wedding anniversary - I love saying that! Four years! We've been married for four years!

V and I went out to Ravensthorpe House for dinner, which is where our wedding was held

A dozen of the most gorgeous roses*! I was very spoilt

Rose&Ruby dress

It was so amazingly lovely coming back to Ravensthorpe. Jim and Deb were as hospitable as ever, and congratulated us on our anniversary (a lovely complimentary after-dinner drink was involved)

Just think, 4 years ago I was out on that verandah having photographs taken! Memories

My amazeballs pork belly entree (spanner crab, roe and squid ink also featured)

V's treacle pudding with toffee shard and vanilla bean ice cream - I won't lie to you, I had seeeerious food envy over this!

Pear parfait with cherry jelly


* Funny story, actually. I had to work back a little on Thursday evening, so I called V to let him know I was about 10 minutes away. He grabbed the roses, diligently listened for me to pull into our underground garage in our (nicely noisy) Holden ute, then hopped in the lift. The idea being to surprise me in the carpark with the roses. Well, much to his consternation, the lift went up to the top floor, when a very bemused young woman got in and goggled at him in all his rose-carrying glory. Maybe she thought they were for her hehe. He did surprise me with the flowers in the carpark, but he also surprised someone else!


  1. happy wedding anniversary! 4 years, wow! how lovely that you went back to where your wedding was. sounds like a lovely night <3

  2. That food looks amazing,.

    Some of those roses look purple, is that just the lighting or are they purple? I have never seen purple roses :-)

  3. Beautiful roses, congratulations on four years!

  4. Looks lovely and mmm the food... Our wedding reception venue closed down on the weekend, after being a major Brisbane restaurant for almost 20 years. So sad that we'll never get to celebrate another birthday or anniversary there :(

  5. Oh Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!! Those roses are gorgeous, and that food looks amazing.
    Sounds like such a perfect weekend!


  6. Congratulations on your four year anniversary! xx


    And your hubby is so sweet, surprising you like that!

  8. Hee hee, that story is hilarious. Congratulations on your anniversary, I'm glad it was lovely for you.