Sunday, September 9, 2012

weekend, please don't leave me!

This has been the loveliest, most relaxing weekend in a long time. Don't want it to end *sadface* Next week is going to be beyond crazy and I am already scared in anticipation

Have been burning this delish new Glasshouse candle this week, completely in love with it! Tuberose, ylang ylang and lavender, florally goodness

The sort of view my husband gets to look at during his work day - somewhat jealous I must say *sigh*

Slightly concerned on seeing this sign - does this mean the toilet may get up and start walking around whilst I am using it???

Nothing like weekend sleep-ins with a cuddly kitteh or two...

Saturday mornings at lee&me, lovelove

Best coffee...

I was somewhat starving, hence the eggs, bacon, tomato and potato rosti *drool*

V's slightly smaller brekky roll

I decided to split my gorgeous anniversary roses into two vases...

Had a major Alice moment doing this (and may or may not have started singing about painting the roses red hehe)

Spot of bento for lunch! My obsession with Kimura continues

Dinner outfit - bloody freezing last night!

Loving the latest iteration of copper-red that my hairdresser has implemented!

Is there anything better than a vanilla milkshake? I don't think so!

Sunshine and the papers = perfection

Hope the weekend has been good to you all! Here's to the rest of the evening being a long as possible!


  1. Oh I love Lee&Me's breakfasts. (I've only been there a handful of times but every one of those times has been great!)

    That hat's really cute!


  2. Lovely! Ahh such a nice breakfast :) I think I need to go get some tea and finish the papers...! x

  3. congratulations on your four year anniversary!!

    thank you for your nice comments on my wedding pics! :)

    i love that tuberose candle. i had it going for a few hours but then it got smashed on the ground.
    r.i.p. must get a new one!

  4. Springtime and milkshakes. Happiness :)
    Heidi xo